1997 Titles

Title Rating Synopsis
8th M.S. Team Rent See Kidou Senshi Gundam: Dai 08 MS Shotai
8th MS Team Rent See Kidou Senshi Gundam: Dai 08 MS Shotai
A Chinese Ghost Story: The Tsui Hark Animation Watch See Xiao Qian
Adventure of Kotetsu, The Watch See Kotetsu no Diaboken
Agent Aika Rent See Aika

Rent In a Waterworld-like 21th century Japan, Aika and Rion are members of the KK Corporation (aka Salvagers). Is their job only a pathetic excuse to show their panties to the audience, or is there something more to Aika?

Akachan to Boku
Unevaluated Two months ago, Takuya Enoki's mother passed away in an accident leaving him to take care of his baby brother, Minoru, while their father works the long hours of a Japanese "salaryman". Takuya must sacrifice playtime and childhood to take care of his brother and do the responsibilities an adult would have: cooking, sewing, and scolding while trying to find it in his heart to love the brother who is causing him so much grief.
Aqua Age Rent See Mizuiro Jidai

Ayane's High Kick
Watch Ayane dreams of being a pro wrestler but instead winds up a kick boxer. Will she win her match and avoid school expulsion?
Ayane-chan no High Kick Watch See Ayane's High Kick
Baby and Me Unevaluated See Akachan to Boku

Baby Love OVA
Watch When they first met, Seara loved her older Shuhei. But how does a twelve-year-old boy talk to an eight-year-old girl, a girl who has just told him that she wants to be his wife? He tells her that if she were older and beautiful, then would consider accepting her confession. And now four years later, when Seara’s parents are having to move far away, she has somehow managed to arrange to stay with Shuhei’s family. Does Shuehi remember her, or his promise to her? Despite her efforts, they are still four years apart in age, but Seara has not given up on him and of winning his love.

Battle Athletes (OAV)
Rent From their site: Welcome to the United Systems Sports Academy [USSA], where the elite from around the solar system come to hone their athletic prowess with the technologically enhanced training facilities and the renowned coaching staff.
Battle Athletes Daiundoukai (Japanese) Rent See Battle Athletes (OAV)
Battle Athletes: Victory! Buy See Daiundokai TV
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Romance(8) Romantic Comedy(7) Suspense(1) Tragedy(3)
Cyberpunk(4) Fantasy(30) Historical(5) Modern(22)
All Ages(5) Children(6) Kid at heart(1) Seinen(5)
Shoujo(8) Shounen(5)
Acquired Taste(6) Artistic(1) Classic(2) Creepy(3)
Dark(7) Kawaii(1) Silly-funny(1) Surreal(5)
Characters and Their Abilities
Animals(1) Artificial Girls(3) Gender-Bender(1) Genie(3)
Kemonomimi(1) Mahou Shoujo(3) Ninja(1) Samurai(1)
Story Elements and Location
College(1) Coming of Age(1) Competition(3) Depression(2)
Elementary School(2) Epic(2) Family Affairs(2) Fighting(4)
Harem(2) High School(7) Magic(2) Martial Arts(2)
Mecha(14) Middle School(3) Music(2) Occult(3)
Police(5) Slice of Life(5) Soul Mates(1) Spiritual(2)
Sports(4) Supernatural(6) Swordplay(4) Tenchi Clone(1)
War(2) Yuri(1)
Assassin(s)(1) Computers(1) Cooking(1) Gun-action(4)
Idol theme(1) Reboot(3) Sequel(8) Spinoff(3)
Spinoff-Sequel(2) Video-game inspired(5)
Potentially Objectionable
Ecchi(11) Erotic Comedy(1) Fan Service(8) Hentai(3)
Pantsu(1) Pervert(1) Shotacon(1) Softcore(1)
Stalking(2) Violent(4)
Movie(9) OVA(38) TV(37) TV Special(2)
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