Mizuiro Jidai

Title:Mizuiro Jidai
Aqua Age
The Blue-Green Years
Watercolor Age
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Kawai Yuko is a cute, but shy girl. She lives very happily with her family and shares a close childhood friendship with Hiroshi, the boy who lives next door. One day while in the 8th grade of school, her best girl friend approaches her to admit that she has a crush on Hiroshi and asks for Yuko’s help in figuring how he feels about her. Yuko approaches Hiroshi and presses him into telling her what girls he likes. His frank answer both shocks and surprises her - he admits that he likes her and that he has always had feelings for her, even when they were children. So ever so slowly, through their years in school, they become closer and their relationship changes....

A well written and humorous look at the changing relationships between three junior high school friends.

47 episodes (released in 1996-1997)
Produced by Nippon Animation
Very innocent and appropriate for all ages
"水色" ("mizu-iro") = "light blue" (literally "water-color"); "時代" ("jidai") = "period, epoch, era".
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07, 08
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Watch 6 6 6 6 6 6 Ggultra2764 [series:199#1552]
Mizuiro Jidai's essentially a shoujo slice-of-life title focused on the everyday developments within the lives of Yuko, Hiroshi and their classmates throughout their three years of middle school. It doesn't fall into many of the typical cliches you would find out of shoujo titles as the series does believably explore a number of the common issues faced by teens around Yoko's age like puberty, romance, body image, school trips and worrying about grades. The series is mostly a mix of light drama and subtle comedy focused around the everyday problems faced by Yuko and her classmates. The mundane feel of the series may not be for everyone and the presentation for it is nothing extraordinary for a 1990s anime with its plain visuals and repetitive soundtrack, though some of the musical choices are quite relaxing and mellow to listen to. Still if you enjoy both shoujo and slice-of-life titles, you may get enjoyment out of seeing this series for its 47-episode run.

Last updated Sunday, May 18 2014. Created Sunday, May 18 2014.
Rent 6 5 7 7 MasterYoshidino [series:199#598]
I watched an episode of this and from the looks of it, it definately has something worth looking at.
The basic thing is about some student named Yuko or Yuuchan whom is in middle school. She tries to get her friend Hiroshi that she likes him. Too much storyline for me to keep up with but that is about what I absorbed the first watching of the fansubs.
Oh yeah I think a better translation of the name is "watercolor age" but that is just my opinion.

Last updated Saturday, September 13 2003. Created Saturday, September 13 2003.
Buy 6 5 7 7 8 Bryan [series:199#14]
Mizurio Jidai is an anime about the lives of three junior high school friends. The character designs are very youthful, very simple really, but still rather intriguing. I found I had made three pages of sketches by the time Id finished the first volume. Perhaps they are easy enough to draw that I was merely encouraged by the results!
If you are a fan of school-years, shojo anime, this is one of the best Ive seen. In fact parts of it, the realistic and creative character actions, and some of the subtle, yet very funny humor, should play with anybody. However, if you are not a fan of the genre, or if you have to have robot girls and border-line incestuous relationships to stay interested, then wander off.
The main characters consist of Kawai Yuko, a wide-eyed, honest and emotional kid. Her best friend is the rather arrogant and brash, and more than a little mean, Takahata Takako. Of course, at heart, she is a nice person, just tough to know. It turns out they both have a crush on Naganoma Hiroshi, Yukos childhood friend. This sounds like stock material here, and the three characters sure as heck remind me of three of the four primaries from To Heart, but the light touches of humor and the character behaviors are surprisingly good.
For example, in episode 2, Friendship, there is a scene where Yuko is dreaming. It is set a few years earlier in school. In it, Takako is berating her (rather gently for Taka-chan) for the poor job Yuko is doing cleaning a desk (remember, there are no janitors in Japanese schools, the kids do all the cleaning). This is subtle, but it is exactly how dreams work as there was quite a bit of tension between Yuko and Taka at the time.
As I said, MiJi is very similar to To Heart in a few spots. Since Mizuiro Jidai (translated by the Techno Girls as The Blue-Green Years) came out a couple years before To Heart, the blame is to be placed upon To Heart. For example, the open shot of the first ep of Blue-Green is a series of pans of Yukos room, complete with a pan of a Teddy Bear and a fuku. Admittedly, the art in To Heart is a little better. The animation quality in MiJi, alas, is very average with lots of pans and low cel counts.
Through the first four volumes we follow the three as they experience various school activities: a camping trip, a softball tournament and a few other events. The camping trip was particularly good, and featured one of the funnier lines Ive seen in a long time (think cardiopulmonary system). I also like the way Yukos parents act like real people. This may be the first time Ive seen parents in anime who actually acted like parents! Anyway, this is one of the better surprises Ive had in a long time. I highly recommend this series, and I cant wait to see more. Also interesting is that the series has not been released on LD in Japan. It appears that the masers the Techo-Girls got of off TV are the only form in which the series exists.

Last updated Sunday, October 08 2000. Created Sunday, October 08 2000.

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