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Title:Mezzo Forte
Hard Rock - Mezzo Forte
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Notables: UMETSU Yasuomi
From Yasuomi Umetsu, the director and creator of KITE comes another girls with guns action thriller. Killing is like breathing for Mikura, practically born with guns in her hands. A hit on an underworld boss is complicated by the involvement of his daughter, Momomi, nearly Makura's equal. Will she survive?

Available from Media Blasters edited (55 Min) or unedited (60 Min).

This title has also spawned a PG-rated TV spinoff - Mezzo : DSA
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Rent 9 9 8 6 6 Ggultra2764 [series:366#1552]
(Rent-/ Watch+)

Mezzo Forte is another work from Umetsu Yasuomi known for its mix of hentai and gun-action. Unlike Kite though, Mezzo never takes itself seriously in its focus for Mikura and her two accomplices crossing paths with the psychotic daughter of an underworld crime boss and it knows it. There are a good number of over-the-top and ridiculous action scenes that take place in the hour-long run of this series, most notable being fights that Mikura's group and the crime syndicate have in a bowling alley and a baseball stadium owned by said syndicate. The mentioned scenes are nicely animated with fluid movements and plenty of detail drawn on scenery and character designs. Otherwise, the plot for this is pretty barebones with barely any depth and background offered up on the characters who are nothing but archetypes and the plot setup being rather standard otherwise. Not to mention that unlike Kite where the sex scenes had relevance for its plot, they don't have much impact on things here as you could get the edited version of Mezzo Forte without missing out on much from the unedited release. Otherwise, Mezzo Forte makes a fun, quick romp of mindless gun-action that makes for a nice time killer yet doesn't offer up much else to keep you hooked on for more frequent watches.

Last updated Sunday, September 15 2013. Created Sunday, September 15 2013.
Rent Forbin [series:366#1573]
Drama : Med
Comedy : Low / Med
Action : High
SciFi : Med / High
Ecchi : HIGH
Hmm..this is the sequel to Kite eh? Well I gotta rent that.
This is only a 2 episode OVA and it really is trying to figure out to be a good Action, or an Ok Hentai. I think the makers decided on Action because they take out the hentai, leave a little ecchi and redo this as Mezzo : DSA. Rent this and then Rent the sequel. It's a good romp

Last updated Sunday, January 16 2005. Created Friday, January 14 2005.
Rent 8 8 7 7 0 0 MasterYoshidino [series:366#598]
This is a "sequel" to Kite. The good thing about this anime is that there is considerably much more action than its predecessor. Unfortunately there is hardly any storyline, but if you feel like needing some braindead entertainment like DragonBall Z can give, by all means watch this anime as it definately delivers in that category.
The animation and characters are pretty well drawn but not as defined as other anime released by the porn licensors. The one thing that is the letdown is the story, as there is not much there, but then if i wanted to have some story there is a better chance by watching something by PinkPineapple than this.
This is my pick for the first hentai a noobie hentai fan should watch as it contains all elements that one should see in their first anime, unlike Cool Devices, which is unfortunately the usual first anime most fans are exposed to. The action is pretty cool and plenty of gun fights to keep your brain entertained. Just try and ignore the rape dream scenes, man I hate those darn scenes, they are such a nasty stain in this nice anime. That's Green Bunny for you.

Last updated Friday, November 07 2003. Created Sunday, September 28 2003.
Buy 8 8 9 0 8 8 khjb007 [series:366#569]
this is not one of the best animes
out there but it's still worth buying
if you already watched KITE and liked it
(the main reason why i watched this is just because i heard that this was sequel to KITE)
KITE but

Last updated Wednesday, April 02 2003. Created Wednesday, April 02 2003.
Buy 9 9 8 5 9 BigPants [series:366#243]
Kite creator, Yasuomi Umetsu, is back again with another short video, and helping secure his position as one of the current greats in the anime indsutry today.
Mezzo Forte is definitely the bastard child of Kite, but doesn't have the same serious tones as Kite did (then again, Umetsu said he was going for more comedy in this one.) That doesn't mean it's a complete screwball comedy though, as it blends seriousness with its wit rather well.
The character design is gorgeous, although not as nice as Kite was, and in that signature Umetsu style. The art and animation was very fluid and shows in the gunfights.
Like Kite, this one has its own wonderfully drawn out gunfight; this one takes place in a bowling alley, however. Many will claim it was nowhere as good as the bathroom scene in Kite, but it definitely holds its ground.
The music was really nothing to write home about, matter-of-factly, I would say, "What music?" since I don't remember too much being there.
The ending, in my opinion, can be described in one word, "Excellent." The last five minutes contained surprise after surprise until I fell out of my chair. I hope more creators take note of how this whole story played out.
If you want to see how an action short should be done, go out and invest in Mezzo Forte.

Last updated Sunday, January 27 2002. Created Sunday, January 27 2002.
Watch 7 5 8 5 5 Alex Black [series:366#128]
To the point, Mezzo Forte is a dissapointing romp that tries to be dark action like Kite, but fails miserably.

The sexuality is a whole lot more blatent, as though the director wanted it to be a tits and guns flick rather than a good action film. The short series seems to want you to laugh at it's hideous cheesiness and sex humor a la Devil Hunter Yohko and Photon, but where the aforementioned succeed, Mezzo Forte fails again, leaving the viewer with a few old man jokes that are barely funny and a whole lot of over-the-top delivery and ridiculous action sequences.

All that aside, it earns a "Watch" from me for some decent art, good action, and great designs. Fans of Kite will enjoy this one, as long as they don't compare the two.

Last updated Monday, March 18 2002. Created Tuesday, January 08 2002.

Buy 8 8 8 5 7 Midnighter [series:366#94]
Mezzo Forte is inevitably going to be compared to Kite. Girls with guns in outrageous shoot-outs are the name of the game. Unlike Kite, though, Mezzo Forte never quite takes itself seriously, mixing comedy liberally with action. This combination is quite effective, and I must give Mezzo Forte points for pulling it off, as it is extremely difficult to do effectively.
Yasuomi Umetsu's character designs are, as usual, excellent, retaining his signature style and standing out as unique. At first glance, Mikura seems to be just another version of Kite's Sawa. However, whereas Sawa was cold and deadly, Mikura is spunky and formidable. She seems to have more of an actual personality than Sawa, or at least a more cheerful one. The animation is nice, maybe even a bit better than Kite, particularly in the fight scenes, such as the spectacular bowling-alley shootout. Still, I was hoping for a sequence that topped Kite's famous bathroom gunfight, but nothing in Mezzo Forte could touch it.
The story was actually pretty good, following the botched kidnapping of an underworld boss and the ensuing running battles with his daughter and chief body guard Momomi. The banter between the characters is really fun (in the subtitled version, anyway) and keeps the show moving at a good pace.
Overall, I give Mezzo Forte a buy because of its strong points of dialogue, character designs and animation. Extra points were awarded for not being pretentious enough to take itself seriously and mixing laughs in. Fans of action are in for a treat, and the unusual wit should keep most veiwers entertained. It's not brain food, but it looks damn nice.
HINT: Watch for a cameo by Kite's Sawa!

Last updated Friday, January 04 2002. Created Friday, January 04 2002.

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