DearS - 4: Wipe Your Mouth

Episode:4: Wipe Your Mouth
On her first day at school, Ren doesn't know how to respond to all the questions and attention she gets from the other students, and Takeya is annoyed by her unwillingness to make decisions for herself without his permission. Miu arrives and wonders why there is little interest in her--some even believe her to be an imposter DearS. In the headmaster's office Miu says she didn't see Ren on the transport ship, and says "Ren" means "none" in the DearS language. The Headmaster agrees to let both Ren and Miu stay on as students, but Miu insists upon a competition between the two of them to determine which is best suited to attend the school.
At times this episode is funny (as when Ren offers Takeya her melon bread), and at other times the comedy seems overdone (such as the perversion of Mitsuka-sensei). Sometimes the music seems somehow discordant--and I seldom notice things like that unless they are pretty far off track. Compared to Ren, who starts off in a Chii-like know-nothing state, I was surprised how human the emotions of Miu were when she finds herself upstaged by Ren.

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