DearS - 12: Besides, It Was Hot

Episode:12: Besides, It Was Hot
At Takeya's apartment, Khi attempts to convince him to return Ren. Khi says Ren is defective, and offers to replace her with another DearS. While out shopping alone, Ren is confronted by Xaki, a "Biter" DearS, who says he intends to "retrieve" her.
Could have been better, could have been worse. The serious nature of this final episode was compromised to a certain extent by some poor jokes. The impression I'm left with is of an ending that leaves you feeling good, yet is somewhat unfocused. The viewer might be left feeling even better, for example, if it were not still unclear whether Ren is capable of being anything more than a simple-minded slave, and whether Takeya truly loves her. I wish Takeya had said something like "if she's my slave, then I'm hers".

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