DearS - 8: M, My Ball

Episode:8: M, My Ball
Miu is visited at her homestay by Khi, a male DearS. She mentions that she's been thinking about dropping out of school and returning to the "community". Back at school, she challenges Ren to a "duel"--actually a game in which each will try to catch the greatest number of small balls bouncing within an energy hemisphere with a 3 Km diameter. Khi serves as a witness to verify the results. As it turns out, Miu falls into an old well with Takeya, to whom she tearfully recalls a painful episode in which she was unable to prevent a previous master's death. Meanwhile Ren collects 5 balls and wins the duel. Khi asks her if Takeya requested the Rite of Certification, and is incredulous at Ren's response...
*Almost* a deeply touching episode. We learn a lot about the DearS, for one thing that they are not just mindless servants but are capable of having intense emotions. I say almost touching because it's still possible that the DearS have a disturbingly disfunctional mindset at heart.

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