DearS - 6: I Am Frustrated

Episode:6: I Am Frustrated
Ren crawls into bed with Takeya, offering to do whatever he wants, in a very suggestive manner, until he objects and she obediently returns to her bed in the closet, saying that she won't "nurse" Takeya anymore. Meanwhile, Miu is frustrated, because though she is "burning to serve", the couple she stays with don't expect her to do much. At school Takeya wonders why Ren doesn't seem to feel the slightest embarassment or nervousness about the bedtime episode. Miu confronts him and declares that she intends to retrain Ren, who she feels has been bringing shame upon all DearS. Meanwhile, the mysterious leaders of the DearS take an interest in Ren...
In spite of all her complaints about Ren's performance, Miu seems to be envying her for being so popular. One interesting note--during a cooking lesson Miu tells Ren she must not mention her slave status to humans, since slavery is considered a thing of the past. I, too, am kind of frustrated--why doesn't Takeya or Neneko just demand that Ren or Miu explain the DearS concepts of "slave" and "master"?

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