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Title Rating Synopsis
A Little Snow Fairy Sugar Buy See Chicchana Yukitsukai Sugar

Watch The red-haired, muddle headed, ex-pro-gymnast Aikawa Maki has found a new sport to keep herself entertained in her first year of high school. She has gotten involved in the back-alley street-fighting scene, and they are now calling her the undefeated airmaster'. At a new high school, she finds friends brave enough to support her as she meets new combatants and struggles to refind that spark of inspiration that drove her earlier success as a gymnast. Maki's combative adventure moves from the martial arts into the mystical arts, as she struggles to find even stronger opponents challenge her natural skills.
Battle Vixens (manga title) Rent See Ikki Tousen

Boukyaku no Senritsu
Rent Over a hundred years have passed since humanity lost the war to a strange race of beasts that they call Monsters. The remaining survivors live in constant terror, fear and denial, as they are forced to offer their children in tribute to appease and feed the needs of their inhuman Monster conquerors. But not all of humanity has surrendered completely. A small group called the warriors of Melos still fight on, inspired only by a vision of a young lady known as the 'Melody of Oblivion', remembering an almost forgotten legend that if she is found and freed, then the monsters can be defeated.

Chicchana Yukitsukai Sugar

Saga is a normal school girl living in Europe. She has everything planned down to the smallest details for her daily life and she works very hard (in addition to being very musical). Her friends love her for this and her self-appointed rival Greta does not. Things are fine until one day on the way home, Saga discovers something small, ultra cute, and very hungry -- the apprentice snow fairy named Sugar. Humans normally can't see fairies but in this case Saga can. Having fed the hungry fairy, Sugar has attached herself to Saga like a lost puppy. And when Sugar's friends and fellow apprentices Salt and Pepper join the scene to look for the elusive "Twinkles", what's a girl to do?

Chicchana Yukitsukai Sugar Summer Special

Saga is now 17 and the Hammond Theater Troupe is coming back to town. When she comes home one day, her grandma finds a dress of Saga's from when she was in grade school and played a princess in a school play. She played the princess while rival Greta played a wicked witch. This play inspired Sugar-tachi to make a play of their own. Will Saga get over her stage fright?


Rent Daisuke Niwa has the worst 14th birthday ever: his crush -- Risa Harada -- declines his love letter to her. Then, he comes home and discovers that his feelings for Risa stir a transformation into the famous phantom thief, Dark Mousy! Much hilarity ensues as Daisuke has to deal with his new alter ego and the complications it brings into his life!
Daphne In The Brilliant Blue Buy See Hikari to Mizu no Daphne
DNAngel Rent See D.N.Angel
Fragment of a Poem (literal translation) Rent See Uta Kata

G-on Riders
Rent In a near future time when alien attacks have become a common event, a secret (Japanese) organization called the GRA (GRAND RIFUREKUTO AMUDO, Grand Reflect Armor) has developed a very effective defense. Using a technology developed by Dr Sanada Mio, which she calls the 'G-On', certain young students wearing glasses (hence the "G" in the title) are able to harness their strong feelings and manifest those abilities and weapons that prove effective against the alien attacking units. The GRA has sponsored an elite high school to help identify and develop the students who have this ability in the hopes that they can defend not only Japan, but also the earth from the alien invaders.
G-on らいだーす (Japanese) Rent See G-on Riders
Ghost Talker's Daydream Watch See Teizokurei DAYDREAM
He is my Master Watch See Kore ga Watashi no Goshujin-sama (TV)

Hikari to Mizu no Daphne
Buy In the future, the polar ice masses have melted, causing sea levels to rise significantly and make the Earth a water world. Mizuki Maia, a young student sets her hopes on joining the International Ocean Agency, which manages the resources of the sea. Her failure at being admitted dashes her hopes and over stretches her finances. Destitute and homeless, she finds a job and a new home with Neres, a private security and investigation agency.
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