Teizokurei DAYDREAM

Title:Teizokurei DAYDREAM
Ghost Talker's Daydream
Vulgar Ghost DayDream
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Notables: ASANO Masumi
R1 License - Pioneer (Defunct)
Misaki Saiki is just your run of the mill dominatrix. By day she is wearing a red studded leather outfit. After work she runs around in gogo boots and a mini-skirt. Her typical day also includes stopping by local magazines where she does interviews and gives 'free' prizes to the winners of contests. But later, her side job is much more interesting: For certain large fees, she hunts down ghosts that are endangering people and send them off to the next world. Because Misaki is a 'Spirit Medium', a person able to see ghosts.

With her parter Souichiro, they take on cases where the ghost refuses to leave and sometimes takes an active role is harming people. There's only one problem, Souichiro is deathly afraid of ghosts! Of course you will learn that ghosts are not always ghosts for benevolent reasons.
[4 OAV episodes, based on the manga of the same.]
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Watch 8 7 6 7 6 AstroNerdBoy [series:891#436]

This kind of anime certainly isn't my thing as for starters, it is an ecchi title. But for some wacky reason, I noticed the large numbers of ads that Geneon was putting on numerous anime websites and thought I'd give it a look.

I have to say, the images used in the ads were much more attractive than what was in the actual OAV. I got to tell you, that was kind of a surprise to me. Sheeze, if you have to juice up the ads to get people's attention, then the people discover that the actual product isn't as billed, well how does that make your company look? And people wonder why I refuse to buy stuff sight unseen.

As to the story, Misaki-san has two jobs. Her "main" job is that of a dominatrix, and she also does photo shoots of herself in various costumes as a dominatrix. While she's not too keen on that job, she's also not to keen on her other job with Souichiro, where they try to get ghost to pass to the other side. Misaki likes to yell a lot, scream "Baka" a lot, and isn't too happy when the girl from her first case suddenly starts hanging around. She's also not happen he the girl's classmate Fujiwara-kun is always around to see the woman he calls "queen."

The cases can be pretty messed up and the humor, mostly centering around Misaki, didn't do much to counter the gloom of some of the cases. With only four episodes, there isn't much time to flesh out the characters and make them good. And I didn't like Misaki as a dominatrix, though I guess that is supposed to be funny considering her special gifts.

Bottom line: proof of why one should never trust an advertisement when it comes to buying stuff. While not horrible, it's nothing much beyond a kill of two hours.

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Rent Forbin [series:891#1573]
Drama : High
Comedy : Med/High
Action : Low
SciFi : High
Ecchi : High

While this is an 4 episode OVA, I was horrified and fascinated at exactly the same time.

This is a story about an S&M Queen who in her spare time is a ghost hunter. She has a partner who is a martial artist. A stalker who is a teenager. And a fan girl who looks like Yukino from Yakitate Japan.

Misaki's look is VERY fugly. I don't know why she is drawn that way because Ai looks normal. There was a funny scene when she goes and drops off some promo stills and the editor wants a used panty for a reader contest. Yuck.

But the plot is very good. Each ghost has an issue that needs to be resolved and SOON. I'm not quite sure why they made her a Dominatrix. I guess they needed some comedy because the subject matter of the ghosts are very sad.

Too bad it's an OVA, we don't learn enough about the characters and her special 'magic rope' she carries around.

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Unevaluated Jan-Chan [series:891#967]
Having only seen the first two episodes, I dont really know if I like this type of very Japanese anime. It is a very adult and ecchi type of anime (but not really hentai.) Be warned that there are some very disturbing scenes in this series that suggest that it caters to a very (strange and twisted) niche anime fan-market. I found one scene to be so unpleasent that it ended any chance of enjoyment that I might have felt for any other parts of this series.

If you are at all sensitive to the issue of (implied) abuse against women or girls, with a pain for pleasure & thrills over-tone, then avoid this series. I really don't know if I have any strong interest in seeing the rest of this series. (This is from Bandai? do they even have an adult anime division?)

1 - The Spiritual Impersonator
2 - Convolvulus
3 - Mad Bone
3 - Water Spirit

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