Kore ga Watashi no Goshujin-sama (TV)

Title:Kore ga Watashi no Goshujin-sama (TV)
He is my Master
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Notables: ASANO Masumi
Animation - Gainax
OHARA Sayaka
R1 Distributor - Section23 Films (ADV)
R1 License - Sentai Filmworks (ADV)

Two sisters decide to run away from home with hopes of finding a job that would permit them to live on their own. After a series of rejections, the younger sister Mitsuki finds a posting outside of mansion for a live-in maid, and both she and Sawatari enter the large, spacious but very empty grounds of the house. There they find a boy of their age, Yoshitaka Nakayashi, a 14-year-old who has inherited millions due to the accidental death of his parents. Nakayashi fired all of the staff for treating him like a kid and not listening to him, but he finds himself unable to live alone and is now looking for a couple of live-in maids. While the two Izumi sisters might have some problems of their own, they never expected to find a position looking after a pampered pervert of a rich boy with an overblown uniform fetish, someone who wants to be addressed as goshujin-sama (master). But Nakayashi never expected to find Mitsuki’s pet alligator Pochi in one of their luggage cases.

[12 TV-episodes based on the manga of the same title.]

1:58min Series Opening - YouTube Video
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Watch 8 7 7 6 7 7 Dreamer [series:1027#2279]
Super ecchie-fied but fun nevertheless.

Art, Animation & Character Designs
The artwork was nothing special. It was your average art found in other anime. The animation was about on par as well. As for character designs, they weren't too bad. Our protagonists were kawaii but again, they weren't anything special.

The OP, though not bad, it didn't seem to fit this anime. For the most part, this anime was light hearted and suppose to be funny..... but the opening song didn't portray that. The rest of the music wasn't really noticeable.

Series and Episode Story
Ecchi-fest! One big ecchie-fest. There was some funny moments here and there and a few snickers, but for the most part, this anime lacked substance for the most part. That's not to say that I didn't enjoy it but on the contrary, it had me smiling plenty of times. The plot has been plenty of times and you had your ample amount of stereotypical characters and settings. "Pochi" was a good laugh.... for a few episodes.

Overall, it was a fun watch... if not meaningless. But then again, I suppose any such forms of entertainment can be considered meaningless. What's important though is I got my entertainment's worth.

Last updated Sunday, May 10 2009. Created Sunday, May 10 2009.
Watch 5 5 5 4 5 5 Xenoknight [series:1027#2967]
A story about a pair of sisters that stumble across a rich boy's mansion...

Ep 4 was funny as hell when some of the fake soldiers gave their lives to stop the main lead and Izumi. It was really funny when they called them a pair of "zombies". The way they said it had me rolling with laughter. It had to be subbed in order for it to be as funny as it was. If you check my Dub vs. Sub section, you'll read how I say sub is funnier than dub and this particular scene is evidence of that.

Aside from ep 4 this whole series has been a drag. Every ep follows the same basic pattern. He works her to death, they go somewhere or meet someone, and always have a contest to win Izumi over. Rinse and repeat...

Even when the story had a chance of picking up some momentum when she finally agreed to being an idol, it was still boring as hell and the story continued to suffer.

It wasn't until ep 10 that the story hits its peak with how he loses the maids and that they go with his cousin! (Talk about slap to the face). There were a few story shockers (like 2), but they were not enough to redeem this waste of an anime.

The ending was the usual "textbook" case ending that anyone could've predicted. Seriously, keep some distance away from this anime. Over the coarse of writing this review, I have forgotten half of the things that happened in the story! Waste of 6 hours...

If you want to see a "dangerously" funny example of the whole "rich kid living with beautiful maids" theme, than I highly suggest the anime Hanaukyo Maid Tai. The laughs in there were brilliant, genuine, and NON-STOP. It won my "KING of the silly-funny/ecchi genre" award!

Check out my award list to see some of the best anime titles in the world!

Never forget Xenosaga.

Last updated Tuesday, April 28 2009. Created Monday, September 22 2008.
Watch Stretch [series:1027#628]
I once read a comment by a respectable reviewer who claimed that Gainax and Studio Ghibli were the only two anime producers who could be relied upon to turn out original, high quality shows without exception. Being an aficionado of fanboy oriented anime, Gainax has always been my definite favorite of the two, and I had high hopes for He Is My Master. Unfortunately, this show turned out to be rather disappointing and unexceptional, which I fear is liable to do some serious damage to the reputation of Gainax as a whole.

For one thing, this show just didn't seem all that funny to me--I got this impression right from the first episode. Numerous episodes passed without a single laugh-out-loud joke--this is basically a "smile show". At least for the most part it didn't get outright tedious (though it walked the line in a couple places). There was a good deal of fanservice, but fanservice all by itself isn't automatically funny! There ought to be a trophy awarded for the most clever and original use of it--that might motivate anime makers to do a better job, instead of just using it as a cheap substitute for skillfully written plots and jokes. I really am serious, because if they are skillfully handled, what could be more hilarious than nudity and suggestive behavior?

I can't claim to understand exactly why "character development" is important to a well-balanced anime, but I think I can identify instances in which it is lacking--this would be one of them. Looking back, I don't really detect any distinct change in the personalities of Izumi or Mitsuki. The problem which drove them to run away from home in the first place was pretty nonsensical, so they didn't really have any skeletons in their closets. Izumi seemed quite headstrong to me, yet suddenly declared she wasn't going to run away from her problems anymore--huh? Mitsuki was having a great time all along, so she didn't have any particular problems to overcome. Anna was a two-dimensional lesbian who never had any greater goal than to fondle Izumi. Then there's Pochi, the mind-of-a-pervert-trapped-in-an-alligator's-body. The makers of this series seemed to have high hopes for him, but he struck me as more weird than funny (though he did have his moments). And, of course, there is Yoshitaka, who didn't show the slightest sign of being anything other than a total jerk until the end of episode ten. I got a not altogether good feeling that the series would try to wrap up by having Yoshitaka and Izumi fall in love. But can a show be a fanservice fest up until the last couple episodes, and still pull a plausible romantic ending out of a hat? I hoped the show's makers were just playing with my mind, and would go for a humorous, bawdy conclusion.

Initially, there didn't seem to be much of an ongoing plot to the show, and around halfway through I shelved the remaining episodes for several months. Towards the end, however, some curious twists were introduced and I became genuinely intrigued to see where things were going to go. And then there was the final episode... To make a long story short, I don't exactly get it. I think this was supposed to be a more funny than touching ending, but I'm left more confused than amused. Is Yoshitaka an a--hole who only pretended to have changed? Is Izumi pleased or dismayed with the way things worked out? Which events were planned in advance and which were coincidences? I realise the makers of this show expect the viewers to possess at least a little intelligence, but a really well done conclusion wouldn't be so ambiguous. At least I'm not the only one who thinks Pochi looks like a hippo!

I don't regret watching He Is My Master, and I may even watch it again someday. I didn't notice any problems with the artwork or animation, and the music was satisfactory. But I can't see paying serious money to buy or rent it. INSERT CLEVER CLOSING REMARK HERE

Last updated Monday, September 26 2005. Created Thursday, September 22 2005.
Watch 8 7 7 7 5 6 AstroNerdBoy [series:1027#436]

Being a Gainax title with young girls in sexy maid costumes and the word "goshujin" in the title, there are things one can expect to see -- fanservice, ecchi humor, fanservice, and ecchi humor. While there are these elements in here, the humor isn't funny and the fanservice is bothersome.

The blackmail premise of the series is pretty weak, but then sometimes you have to swallow that in order to get on with the situation comedy. So Izumi and Mitsuki-chan are now servants to Yoshikata-kun, who has an otaku fetish for various costumes, specifically maid outfits. Further, he can make said uniforms. Then Anna-chan becomes a maid because at first she's "in love" with Yoshikata-kun, but then falls in lust with Izumi-san. All of this is just dressing for ecchi humor to follow.

Most of the stories have Mitsuki-chan somehow involved in some plot to get her oneechan and Yoshikata-kun in some contest or other. Everything follows a pretty predictable pattern with nothing really that funny. The only funny part was episode Pochi, and that was episode 4. He does something to Yoshikata-kun that is very, very wrong, and oh so funny. After that, I don't remember laughing once. Even Pochi's anticts quickly grew old on me and not funny at all. Izumi's and Mitsuki-chan's father's lustful advances on his daughter were not funny, nor was their mother's methods of stopping it. Anna-chan's constant shoujo-ai moves on Izumi weren't funny. The series wasn't funny, only amusing at times.

I wish I could write a better review, but sadly this series is just "blah." I read some of the manga and though it was funny, which is why I looked forward to seeing the anime. But the anime writers just couldn't overcome having such a strong personality in Izumi come off as a credible victim of blackmail. In order to make a comedy anime work, the audience has to at least connect with the characters or the premise of the story. Then, the jokes have to be actually funny and not, "well it is an ecchi moment and ecchi is always funny." It ain't.

Bottom line: Not really that interesting, barely amusing, and only one real laugh. Not bad enough to say "avoid," but certainly not good enough to rent. As such, I give it a "watch," but only if you don't have anything else to watch.

Last updated Monday, February 27 2006. Created Wednesday, May 04 2005.

Unevaluated Forbin [series:1027#1573]
Drama : Low
Comedy : Med
Action : Low
Scifi : Low
Ecchi : Med

2 Episodes Watched.

I'm not sure what to make of this anime so far. 2 Episodes and the story really hasn't gone anywhere other than Yoshitaka is a big pervert. In fact I can't even figure out how the title of the Anime plays yet. Usually the title means something but He is my master doesn't mean crap so far.

Defintely for those who are into Loli-con. But this isn't FLCL for sure.

Last updated Monday, May 02 2005. Created Monday, May 02 2005.
Unevaluated Jan-Chan [series:1027#967]
Episode one has just been released as a fan-sub. Well, I know the fan-boy crowd who enjoyed Girls Bravo, Mahoromatic or Maburaho will really have a lot of fun with this series. The first episode is kinda cute, but I have a feeling this series might be headed in a direction with lots of fanservice and ecchi content. (This is a Gainax release, so it has not only a perverted boy, but also a very perverted alligator.) More later... sigh

01 - He Is My Master!?
02 - That Vase, it's 5,000,000...
03 - The Lolicon Uniform Fetishist Who Loves Peeping Pictures and Plays Girl Simulation Games
04 - Couples Formed Under Extraordinary Circumstances Don't Last Long, You Know

Last updated Tuesday, April 26 2005. Created Monday, April 25 2005.

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