Kore ga Watashi no Goshujin-sama (TV) - 9: Izumi Is Izumi, But Izumi Will Not Yield To Anyone

Title:Kore ga Watashi no Goshujin-sama (TV)
Episode:9: Izumi Is Izumi, But Izumi Will Not Yield To Anyone
"Things are moving too fast" Izumi says to herself as she is preparing to pose for photographs on tropical Southern Island. She may well be on the fast track to fame and fortune, but finds she cannot shake off Yoshitaka and Anna, who just happen to come to the island as well. Pochi, meanwhile, is entranced by yet another pet alligator, Ellen, but gets repeatedly rejected. Yoshitaka has taken a liking to Ellen's French owner, Alicia, and urges Pochi not to give up, in order to provide himself with an excuse to meet her. Eventually, Alicia invites Yoshitaka and Pochi to spend the night at her villa. Izumi is horrified, and warns Yoshitaka that there's something strange about this girl...
Ugh--the S&M element in this show reminds me of Girls Bravo. That is, more disturbing than funny. There were a couple good laughs near the end of this episode, of the "I-shouldn't-be-laughing-but-I-am" sort.

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