Kore ga Watashi no Goshujin-sama (TV) - 11: The Distant Boy Yoshitaka

Title:Kore ga Watashi no Goshujin-sama (TV)
Episode:11: The Distant Boy Yoshitaka
"What happened to the usual mean and nasty Yoshitaka-kun?" Anna asks as he behaves in a depressed and listless manner after losing the contest with his cousin Seijiro. Izumi and Mitsuki have gone to live with Seijiro, and Anna urges him to help her come up with a way to get them (especially Izumi) back, to no avail. Yoshitaka won't even try anything with Anna now that they're alone in the mansion, and even gives her permission to leave. Izumi is exhausted by her taxing regimen as an idol. Mother visits and comments that she thought she looked good together with Yoshitaka. There's something wrong with Pochi. Izumi is jumped by a "stray dog", and Seijiro has some astonishing news about Yoshitaka. Everyone goes back to Yoshitaka's place to check out the story, where they meet Sugita Takami, a lifelong rival of both the Yoshitaka and Nakabayashi families...
I've got a not altogether good feeling that this series will try to wrap up by having Yoshitaka and Izumi fall in love. But since it wasn't until the end of the last episode that Yoshitaka showed the slightest sign of being anything other than a total jerk, would such an ending really be believable? Can a show be a fanservice fest up until the last couple episodes, and still pull a plausible romantic ending out of a hat? I hope the show's makers are just playing with my mind, and will go for a humorous, bawdy conclusion.

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