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Watch The red-haired, muddle headed, ex-pro-gymnast Aikawa Maki has found a new sport to keep herself entertained in her first year of high school. She has gotten involved in the back-alley street-fighting scene, and they are now calling her the undefeated airmaster'. At a new high school, she finds friends brave enough to support her as she meets new combatants and struggles to refind that spark of inspiration that drove her earlier success as a gymnast. Maki's combative adventure moves from the martial arts into the mystical arts, as she struggles to find even stronger opponents challenge her natural skills.
Alice Academy Watch See Gakuen Alice

Watch Ordinary high school student, Tokidoki Rikugō, has to take supplementary History classes, to boost his failing grade, at a state-of-the-art museum. This museum allows the visitor to use high-tech virtual reality to reconstruct a realistic Edo of the Bakumatsu period. However, once the simulation begins, Tokidoki is attacked by a strange creature. After something happens to his left eye, he realizes that he is not wearing the VR goggles - it is no longer a simulation; he's trapped in the virtual world and has no way of getting back.
Campus Alice Watch See Gakuen Alice

Deadman Wonderland
Watch Ganta Igarashi has been convicted of a crime that he hasn't committed, and sent to a new, privately owned and operated prison, where the inmates are the main attraction in a modern day twist to the gladiatorial coliseums of ancient times. Throw in a healthy dose of weird little girl, some new-found super powers, and a little conspiracy theory, and you have Deadman Wonderland.
FMA Buy See Hagane no Renkinjutsushi
Full Metal Alchemist Buy See Hagane no Renkinjutsushi
Fullmetal Alchemist Buy See Hagane no Renkinjutsushi

Gakuen Alice
Watch Mikan is a simple outgoing middle school girl, who has befriended the very quiet and intelligent Hotaru, but together they make quite a pair. The terminally happy Mikan and the super genius Hotaru were always hanging out together, and then suddenly Hotaru left. After six months of no letters, no phone calls and only one postcard, Mikan gets so concerned that she chases her friend down and finds her at Alice Gakuen (Alice Academy), a special school for kids with special abilities. A teacher invites Mikan to attend, but on a probationary basis. Mikan is happy that she gets to attend classes with Hotaru again, but finds herself in a class with other students who all have “alices” or special abilities. Some can read minds, while others have telekinetic or fire starting abilities. But what did the teacher see in Mikan? Might she have a special ability?

Garo -Guren no Tsuki--
Watch Heian-kyou, capital and the center of elegant, aristocratic culture, is heavily guarded by a spiritual force field -- or so it seems. In reality, onmyouji (court magi who create the spiritual force field) can only defend the palace located in the northern part of the city; in downtown, monsters known as "horrors" that feast upon human souls roam after sunset. There are, however, a group of heroes protecting commoners from "horrors" in darkness.
Garo: Crimson Moon Watch See Garo -Guren no Tsuki--

Hagane no Renkinjutsushi

Edward and Alphonse Elric are brothers who were born with an extraordinary gift for the magical science known as alchemy. Their father, also very gifted in the craft of alchemy, disappeared leaving their ordinary mother to raise them in the country. But when their mother passed away, the boys vowed to learn the arts of alchemy to the fullest. The goal -- to bring their mother back to life, one of two things Alchemist are forbidden from doing. They attempt to bring back their mother with devistating consequences. Edward loses an arm and a leg and Alphonse loses his body, his soul sealed into a suit of armor by Edward at the last moment. For all of this, the thing they created wasn't even human and didn't live long.

He is my Master Watch See Kore ga Watashi no Goshujin-sama (TV)

Heion Sedai no Idaten-tachi
Unevaluated Long ago, demons immune to modern weaponry brought mankind to the brink of destruction. Fortunately, battle deities known as Idaten appeared and defeated the demons and sealed them away. But today there are signs that the demons may be reviving--and after 800 years of vigilance-sapping peace, will the Idaten be up to the task of defeating them yet again?

Unevaluated Higepiyo (literally "Mustache-Peep") revolves around Hiyoko, a "surreal" baby-chick (or bird) that happens to have a mustache. Hiyoko can talk with "Piroshi" — Hiroshi, the human boy who won her in a fair — and the two are tight friends. In fact, Hiyoko teaches Hiroshi how to win brawls in elementary school, and she sometimes fights a bullying girl on Hiroshi's behalf. (Hiyoko is actually an experimental test subject that escaped from a laboratory.)
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