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Higepiyo (literally "Mustache-Peep") revolves around Hiyoko, a "surreal" baby-chick (or bird) that happens to have a mustache. Hiyoko can talk with "Piroshi" — Hiroshi, the human boy who won her in a fair — and the two are tight friends. In fact, Hiyoko teaches Hiroshi how to win brawls in elementary school, and she sometimes fights a bullying girl on Hiroshi's behalf. (Hiyoko is actually an experimental test subject that escaped from a laboratory.)

Source: Saishin Anime Jōhō

New anime series first aired on April 4th '09.
?? TV Episodes (each about 5min long)
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:773#628]
(14 episodes watched):

This is actually pretty funny! A sort of Penguin no Mondai/Potemayo sort of show about a ludicrous intelligent animal--in this case, an oversized chick who likes sake and has a five o'clock shadow around his beak. In other words, an obnoxious version of what ought to be one of the most kawaii creatures in existence--i.e, comedy brilliance. The story of Higepiyo escaping from a lab lends a touch of plausibility to the premise, which I think is better than just leaving it completely unexplained. I wish this had been a full 23-minute sized TV series, because episode one was great fun but was over almost before it began.

There is a bit of confusion about Higepiyo's gender, but women seldom grow beards, right? After the novelty wears off, later episodes seem unremarkable. Worth watching, since they're only five minutes or so long, but it seems that not much is being done to exploit the strangeness of Higepiyo. Well, some episodes are better than others.

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