Kore ga Watashi no Goshujin-sama (TV) - 10: He Is My Prince?!

Title:Kore ga Watashi no Goshujin-sama (TV)
Episode:10: He Is My Prince?!
Izumi's career as an "idol" has taken off, and she has already made more than enough money to pay off her debt to Yoshitaka. Anna-chan says she has come to her senses, has realized her infatuation with Izumi wasn't right, and now wants to be Yoshitaka's girlfriend. Izumi is appalled--"It doesn't matter to me who Anna-chan goes out with, as long as it's not you!". To see whether Anna really knows what she's doing, Mitsuki proposes "The Great Yoshitaka-kun and Anna-chan Love Love Operation!". Why has Izumi enjoyed such incredible luck and success as an idol? The explanation lies largely with a cousin of Yoshitaka, Nakabayashi Seijiro-sama. This boy lives under almost identical circumstances, except that whereas Yoshitaka wound up with three cute maids, he has only a lackluster butler. He does, however, own the talent agency that hired Izumi, who is thrilled--"He is my prince! God is looking out for me after all!". But just how much alike are this guy and Yoshitaka...?
Definitely a better episode than is usual for this series. I had thought that it wouldn't bother to explain Izumi's rocket-like climb to wealth and fame, but a new twist is unveiled, and I'm intrigued to see where things will go from here. I definitely like Nakabayashi better than Yoshitaka, even if he does have a questionable habit or two. For a moment it seemed as if Izumi and Yoshitaka were going to confess love for each other, but it didn't happen. This episode dares to make fun of the "terrible hobbies" an otaku might indulge in. I'm curious about the significance of the phrase "love-love" in Japan--there are "love-love monsters" in Magical Project S, a "love-love park" in Sexy Commando, hell, there's a whole series called simply "Love-Love".

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