Onegai Twins OAV

Title:Onegai Twins OAV
Please Twins OAV
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Notables: HOSHI Souichiro
INOUE Kikuko
IWATA Mitsuo
MIURA Hiroaki
NEYA Michiko
OHARA Sayaka
Production - GENCO, Inc.

It is summer and Karen decides to take her role as Maiku's sister to a new level, constantly clinging to him and even crawling into bed to sleep with him. This leaves Miina, the girlfriend, with little chance to be with Maiku much less anything else and between he turmoil of the two, Maiku can't get any work done. So with the help of his best friend, Maiku tries to run away and sets up a tent to work in the woods.

Ah, but Ichigo has decided that these very woods should be part of a Student Council outing and thus the entire cast of Onegai Teacher and Onegai Twins show up for a camping trip. With love in the air, will the unlucky Matagu finally score? Will Miina get to be with Maiku? Is there really a beautiful ghost in the woods? What does Ichigo plan to do with all of those hidden camera's?

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[edit] The ↗Onegai franchise:

Onegai Teacher (original series) Onegai Twins (spinoff/sequel)
OverallArtAnimationCharacter Design MusicSeries StoryEpisode StoryReviewer
Watch 7 6 6 5 4 Ggultra2764 [series:770#1552]
(Watch-/ Avoid+)

A rather pointless bonus episode that adds nothing new to Please Twins and has Karen behaving much differently from her portrayal in the TV anime to give off an incest vibe with her actions towards Maiku. Unless you're a diehard fan of Twins, this isn't worth wasting time on.

Last updated Saturday, October 05 2013. Created Saturday, October 05 2013.
Watch 8 8 8 8 7 7 Dreamer [series:770#2279]
After watching and enjoying the series, I couldn't help but pick this one up.

Art, Animation & Character Design
The art and animation was about the same. No improvements here but if anything, a slight drop in quality. Character designs were the same as well.

The OP was the same as the series. Pretty good. As mentioned in the review for the series, it was good enough for me to download the OST..... which is unusual.

Series and Episode Story
There wasn't much to this OVA. If anything, I would say it was purely made to satisfy the super ecchi loving crowd. Aside from that, it's just purely mindless anime (watching) fun.

Overall, if you're a fan of Onegai, then you'll enjoy this regardless of plot or the lack thereof.

Last updated Monday, April 13 2009. Created Monday, April 13 2009.
Buy Xenoknight [series:770#2967]
review coming after I rewatch the anime...

Check out my award list to see some of the best anime titles in the world!

Never forget Xenosaga.

Last updated Friday, December 05 2008. Created Friday, December 05 2008.
Watch Devil Doll [series:770#752]
I consider this episode even weaker than Onegai Twins. Ichigo is detestable, and Karen has her worst performance ever. I don't prefer bouncing boobs (and even nude boobs now and then) to a plot (even a weak plot), and there's no plot in this show other than Karen being unnerving and Ichigo being purely chaotic evil. Miina's decent performance kept me from giving this OVA an "Avoid" rating.

Last updated Saturday, October 06 2007. Created Saturday, October 06 2007.
Watch 8 7 8 9 7 loplop [series:770#1797]
As much as Onegai Twins was a disappointment to me, The OVA is somewhat better than the series. But that is because of the inclusion of the cast from the far superior Onegai Teacher in the episode. With the main question of the series resolved, Onegai Twins OVA is basically an excuse to bring back the show for one last episode. There is no plot development on any character’s part or something special to watch, like there was for the Onegai Teacher OVA. The animation quality also suffered a little, with the exception of about 30 seconds in a somewhat ecchi beach scene. If you have seen this title, you know what I am talking about. I hope, if that the people at Please! would happen to read this, please return to the wonderful characters you bought us in Onegai Teacher and continue that great storyline . . . .

Last updated Monday, May 30 2005. Created Wednesday, March 16 2005.
Rent Forbin [series:770#1573]
Drama : Med
Comedy : High
Action : None
Scifi : Low / Med
Ecchi : HIGH (Loli mostly).
Damn I liked this so much more than the whole TV series. It defintely shows that someone spent some thought in writting the plot than 'we may be siblings' or Matagu's 'lets do some incest' issues.
Very well done, I liked how they resolved all the issues between Mike, Mina and Karen and even gave a sorta happy ending to Matagu.
Too bad it isn't longer. 23 mins was too short for only 1 disc.
Note : Watch all the way to end, there is a little bonus minute afterwards to reward those who watch all the credits.

Last updated Thursday, March 03 2005. Created Thursday, December 02 2004.
Rent 9 7 8 8 7 AstroNerdBoy [series:770#436]

Ah, the lolicon crowd should get a huge charge out of seeing Karen naked a few times. Fortunately, this doesn't just do the ecchi, but actually tries to capture some of the spirit of Onegai Teacher, but the ecchi weighs heavily on this title.

Working the romance between Karen and Maiku was nice and the love-triangle appears to be nicely resolved (finally). However, that's not the reason I enjoyed this title as much as I did. It was the inclusion of the entire Onegai Teacher cast that made this such a delight. Not only that, but all of that cast (including Kei) had at least a small speaking role. Sadly, Kei still addresses Mizuho as "Sensei", but it didn't annoy me like it did in the TV series. I guess it has become a term of endearment for them.

There are a few laughs, mostly at Matagu's expense. He has more bloody noses than most other anime characters. As one might expect, most of the jokes are ecchi in nature. However, there is a great joke revolving around Kaede and Hyosuke. Too bad Marie didn't have more than a brief cameo.

Bottom line: worth seeing just to see the Onegai Teacher cast back. The resolution of the Karen-Miina-Maiku love triangle gives the series a nice conclusion. Too bad it is so ecchi.

Last updated Thursday, December 02 2004. Created Thursday, June 10 2004.

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