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Onegai Teacher (OAV)
Watch Mizuho's mother and sister drop in for another visit. Mizuho is troubled greatly by this visit, but it seems that mother and sister have a scheme in store involving Kei. Can Mizuho stop it in time?
Onegai Teacher OAV Watch See Onegai Teacher (OAV)

Onegai Twins OAV

It is summer and Karen decides to take her role as Maiku's sister to a new level, constantly clinging to him and even crawling into bed to sleep with him. This leaves Miina, the girlfriend, with little chance to be with Maiku much less anything else and between he turmoil of the two, Maiku can't get any work done. So with the help of his best friend, Maiku tries to run away and sets up a tent to work in the woods.

Please Teacher (OAV) Watch See Onegai Teacher (OAV)
Please Twins OAV Rent See Onegai Twins OAV
おねがい☆ツインズ Rent See Onegai Twins OAV
おねがい☆ティーチャー (OAV) Watch See Onegai Teacher (OAV)

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