Divergence Eve

Title:Divergence Eve
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Notables: KAKAZU Yumi
KOYASU Takehito
R1 License - ADV (Renamed)
YOSHINO Hiroyuki
With the discovery of Inflation Holes (something like wormholes) in the 24th century, humans can now travel the galaxy. At the space station "Watcher's Nest" is a relay point for ships equipped with Inlfation Drives. It is here that Misaki, a special ops trainee, is sent to battle the Ghoul. The Ghoul are a giant, alien race who are invading our universe from a parallel universe and their point of entry is the Inflation Hole at "Watcher's Nest". What are these Ghouls and why are they invading? What happened to Misaki on her trip to the station when she was attacked by a Ghoul? Will she and the members of her team be able to protect the station and the humans living on it with their special mecha units? Will their extra-large breasts get in the way?,

13 TV episodes. The sequel to this is called Misaki Chronicle ~ Divergence Eve.
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Buy 10 10 9 9 6 SummonerSupreme [series:626#2060]
Although this title isn't much more than an Evangelion clone, it's a nice one at that, and is extremely sharp-looking. As for story, a group of beautiful, and rather busty, young girls are recruited to take on this group known as Ghoul, which seems to be just that...some kind of ghost thing. They don't know it yet but this mission could cost them their lives, especialy if the clumsy Misaki can't get it together without being a spazz. The animation is the main reason to watch this series, as it combines excellent CG animation with some of the best 3D animation I've ever seen, making it nothing but pure eye candy. There's not much music but when you hear it it's generally quite good, especially the opening music. The ending theme is too light-hearted. And yes, there is quite a bit of fanservice, especially in the closing credits. The DVD extras are good too, especially the mini-manga. Even though the story's been done to death, the animation alone is more than enough to warrant buying this series, or an extended rental at the very least.

Last updated Monday, July 25 2005. Created Monday, July 25 2005.
Watch 7 7 10 6 6 4 manganime [series:626#1633]
Okay some of the episodes are preety good; mostly in Misaki Chronicles but the rest bore me silly. Even the big breast couldn't save this anime from boredom although if anybody out there is thinking of getting this for the ecchi level- DON'T it haqs mgot hardly any ecchi in it at all.

But if you love your sci-fi than be my guest, this wasn't just my sort of anime.

Last updated Tuesday, July 19 2005. Created Tuesday, July 19 2005.
Watch Forbin [series:626#1573]
Drama : Med / High
Comedy : Low
Action : High
SciFi : High
Ecchi : Med / High

Bleh, why did I rent this. I was so bored and it was a major waste of time. Too much CGI, the first episode starting in the middle like Gungrave. Where Gungrave did a great job it doesn't work very well here.

Watch it for the CGI and the big boobs. But it's too slow.

Last updated Wednesday, March 30 2005. Created Wednesday, March 30 2005.
Rent 7 7 6 9 7 6 AstroNerdBoy [series:626#436]

The problems start right from the first episode. The show starts with an episode that in truth should be episode 12. As such, after seeing the episode, you will say, nani? what the? It is amazing anyone stayed on past such a confusing and bizarre start to a series. Fortunately, the 2nd episode drops back to when Misaki is first assigned to the station known as Watchers Nest and in the beginning, has a flashback sequence to explain how things got started. Subsequent episodes have similar flashback sequences to explain things like the discovery of inflation holes, Ghoul, etc. These are welcome items, but they only provide just enough information to get you by. The series ends with many questions. What exactly are the Ghoul? Why are they so interested in humanity? There are more questions, but they are of a more spoiler nature so I wont ask them here. And the story always felt like it was drawing from Neon Genesis Evangelion. Instead of large EVA units, we got small rampart armor for mecha. Instead of Angels, Ghoul. There are other similarities as well, but again the spoiler factor comes into play.

One thing about the future, it is obviously run by men with breast fetishes. All of the women (except the female android who was done like a little girl to toss a bone to the lolicon crowd) have giant, football-like breasts. Their breasts are so large that it actually started hurting my back! Since the character design was done by the guy who did Amazing Nurse Nanako, I guess I shouldnt be surprised. It is done only for fan service as was the nude scenes which cropped up. 2003 was apparently a year for anime with high ecchi factors considering the new anime I saw. Anyway, this was the problem I had with character designs.

The art is hit-and-miss. The CGI is so out of date as to not be funny. I mean the pilot episode of Babylon 5 had better CGI than this and how many years ago was that? So the Ghoul never look fearful, just stupid. Most of the CGI animation is not smooth and certainly felt out of place. You do get used to it, but it never stops looking dumb. The regular art/animation is fine.

And I would be remiss if I didnt mention the end theme song Pump Up. Man, that song rocks, especially if you like really upbeat dance J-pop tunes. Heck, even my parents like this song so much when I played it in my car that they got a copy of it. I think that says something right there. :-D

Bottom line: Several problems in this combined with excessive fan service take the legs out of Divergence Eve. Still, I have to admit that I kept coming back every week just to see where the story would take me. As such, I'll give this a borderline "rent". Im surprised theres going to be a sequel, but Ill watch it hoping to get some answers this series failed to provide.

Last updated Wednesday, March 30 2005. Created Monday, August 04 2003.

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