Mecha Titles

Mecha: (Story/Location) This is a genre of anime which features mechanical fighting machines. Often these take the form of giant robots but this isn't the only form mecha can take. There are tons of examples of mecha titles considering the popularity of the series. See also the Mecha Chicks collection of this site.

Title Rating Synopsis
009 - 1 Buy See 009-1

Buy In a very different future, the Cold War between the east and west has continued for 140 years. An agreement maintains a false peace and nuclear balance between the two sides. In the murky shadows of this momentary peace, spies and agents work to both gain an advantage and counter their opposites, while struggling not to push their conflict over the edge into outright war!
8th M.S. Team Rent See Kidou Senshi Gundam: Dai 08 MS Shotai
8th MS Team Rent See Kidou Senshi Gundam: Dai 08 MS Shotai
A Girl in Gaea Rent See Escaflowne: A Girl in Gaea
A Wind Named Amnesia Watch See Kaze no na wa Amunejia

A.D. Police TV

After the massive earthquake, Genom creates Genom City as part of Tokyo. They develop boomers, androids to do various tasks. A group called Backers wants in on the action and with all of the military-styled boomers they steal, they hope to get rich. Thus A.D. Police step in to try to solve these boomer-related crimes. Who are the backers? What is Genom hiding? Can Kenji get along with his new partner Hans?

AD Police: To Protect And Serve Watch See A.D. Police TV
Adeu's Legend Unevaluated See Lord of Lords Ryu Knight: Adeu's Legend
After War Gundam X Watch See Kidou Shin Seiki Gundam X
Aim for the Top! Gunbuster 2 Rent See Top wo Nerae! 2

Akahori Gedou Hour Rabuge
Unevaluated This is a very strange show. It consists of 2 parts. One where 2 girls who are secret super heroines run around and try to save people from bad folks while destroying millions in property. The 2nd is about a family of kawaii girls who's parents were lackeys in an 'evil' organization. And they are determined to join up. They find an old pot that contains a magic fairy that grants the 7 an 'evil' power of becoming magical girls who will turn any minor evil act into a major one. The only problem? Their powers turn a minor evil act into a major GOOD act. Whoops.

Akane Maniax
Watch Akane is the sister of the famous Haruka of Kimi ga Nozomu Eien. She is still depressed over the breakup of her sister and Takayuki. Currently she is going through life on automatic not really caring about what's going around her (Sorta like Mitsuki in KGNE). Into her life comes transfer student Gouda, who proposes marriage to her 30 seconds after meeting.
AKB0048 Watch See AKB0048 First Stage

AKB0048 First Stage
Watch At the start of the 21st century, an interplanetary war broke out. Earth's ecosystem was damaged, and humanity was forced to flee the planet. In this new society, things that "disturb the heart" like music and art are forbidden. 48 years later, a legendary idol group is resurrected as AKB0048. Labeled as terrorists, they must take up arms to defend their careers and their fans.
Action(257) Action Comedy(22) Adventure(103) Comedy(67)
Drama(103) Horror(9) Mystery(9) Parody(15)
Romance(44) Romantic Comedy(2) Suspense(5) Tragedy(6)
Cyberpunk(16) Fantasy(34) Historical(10) Modern(28)
Sci-Fi(309) Steampunk(3) Western(2)
All Ages(5) Children(2) Kid at heart(1) Seinen(19)
Shoujo(3) Shounen(24)
Acquired Taste(21) Classic(10) Creepy(1) Dark(26)
Fragmentary(1) Kawaii(5) Korean Wave(1) Silly-funny(4)
Surreal(8) Weird(7)
Characters and Their Abilities
Angels(1) Animals(2) Artificial Girls(10) Bishoujo(1)
Bishounen(5) Kemonomimi(3) Mahou Shoujo(2) Ninja(1)
Samurai(3) Superhero(3) Vampires(2)
Story Elements and Location
College(2) Coming of Age(4) Competition(2) Depression(10)
Epic(10) Family Affairs(5) Fighting(25) Friendship(6)
Harem(12) High School(18) Isekai (Other World)(5) Magic(9)
Martial Arts(1) Middle School(3) Music(12) Occult(1)
Police(8) Psychics(1) School Comedy(3) Shoujo Ai(2)
Slice of Life(2) Soul Mates(1) Spiritual(6) Sports(3)
Supernatural(7) Swordplay(11) Tenchi Clone(2) Time Travel(4)
War(29) Yuri(2)
Anthology(1) CG animation(2) Computers(4) Dating Sim Spinoff(1)
Evang*lion Clone(8) Gun-action(13) Idol theme(3) Live Action(1)
noitaminA(1) Prequel(3) Reboot(8) Sequel(39)
Spinoff(12) Spinoff-Sequel(10) Video-game inspired(11)
Potentially Objectionable
Ecchi(13) Fan Service(32) Lolicon(3) Pantsu(3)
Pervert(1) Stalking(1) Violent(20)
Movie(46) ONA(3) OVA(76) Short(6)
TV(205) TV Special(3)
Release Year
2020(1) 2019(3) 2018(10) 2017(8) 2016(12) 2015(7) 2014(15) 2013(10)
2012(9) 2011(8) 2010(8) 2009(10) 2008(11) 2007(21) 2006(22) 2005(27)
2004(29) 2003(16) 2002(20) 2001(11) 2000(12) 1999(20) 1998(13) 1997(13)
1996(9) 1995(13) 1994(14) 1993(8) 1992(6) 1991(5) 1990(2) 1989(10)
1988(7) 1987(4) 1986(7) 1985(6) 1984(8) 1983(12) 1982(6) 1981(4)
1980(4) 1979(1) 1978(2) 1977(2) 1974(2) 1973(1) 1969(1)
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