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Chou Henshi Cos Prayer

Hoshino Koto accidently seals the sun goddess Amaterasu away after apparently being tricked into doing so. Meeting with several other miko (shrine maidens or priestesses), a dark tower suddenly appears and has to be destroyed. Now Takitsu-hime (Princess Takitsu) appears and asks Koto to help free Amaterasu and return the land to the way it was. Can she overcome her fears and do this task?

Chou Henshi Cos ∞ Prayer Avoid See Chou Henshi Cos Prayer
Cosprayers Avoid See Chou Henshi Cos Prayer

Divergence Eve
Watch With the discovery of Inflation Holes (something like wormholes) in the 24th century, humans can now travel the galaxy. At the space station "Watcher's Nest" is a relay point for ships equipped with Inlfation Drives. It is here that Misaki, a special ops trainee, is sent to battle the Ghoul. The Ghoul are a giant, alien race who are invading our universe from a parallel universe and their point of entry is the Inflation Hole at "Watcher's Nest". What are these Ghouls and why are they invading? What happened to Misaki on her trip to the station when she was attacked by a Ghoul? Will she and the members of her team be able to protect the station and the humans living on it with their special mecha units? Will their extra-large breasts get in the way?,
Divergence Eve 2 Rent See Misaki Chronicle ~ Divergence Eve
Divergence Eve: Misaki Chronicles Rent See Misaki Chronicle ~ Divergence Eve

Misaki Chronicle ~ Divergence Eve

After the grand cosmic reset button was pushed in Divergence Eve, the survivors from the Watcher's Nest have returned to Earth only to discover they are in the wrong time period. They appear to have gone back to a time when Misaki was only a cadet at the Academy. Not only that, but a time barrier surrounds Earth and Ghoul are there as well. The major must make incursions into various time periods in order to eleminate the Ghoul that are there. But why does she run into Misaki from her training days? And why is Misaki at the Academy with her Seraphim partners on Earth when originally she'd never met them until they went into space? Why is there a Misaki in the late 1500's? Who is the ghostly image of a child Misaki that continues to be seen by the major? What are the Ghoul really up to?

Otoboku Watch See Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru

Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru
Watch Mizuho's grandfather had passed away. Stipulated in the will is that Mizuho needs to attend the presitious all girls private school. The only problem? Mizuho is a boy! Born with a slender figure and smooth skin, Mizuho might be able to pass with the help of his best friend, teacher, and the Headmistress. Now Mizuho has to learn female mannerisms (such as leaving the toilet seat down) and also pass High School. On the way home, he sees a beautiful girl pass hi--err, her--by...
The Cosmopolitan Prayers Avoid See Chou Henshi Cos Prayer
The Maiden Is Falling In Love With The Elder Sister Watch See Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru
ダイバージェンス・イヴ Watch See Divergence Eve

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