Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru

Title:Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru
The Maiden Is Falling In Love With The Elder Sister
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Notables: ASANO Masumi
R1 License - Media Blasters
R1 License - Subtitled Only
Mizuho's grandfather had passed away. Stipulated in the will is that Mizuho needs to attend the presitious all girls private school. The only problem? Mizuho is a boy! Born with a slender figure and smooth skin, Mizuho might be able to pass with the help of his best friend, teacher, and the Headmistress. Now Mizuho has to learn female mannerisms (such as leaving the toilet seat down) and also pass High School. On the way home, he sees a beautiful girl pass hi--err, her--by...

12 TV Episodes
Animation by FEEL
Based on a computer game by CaramelBox

If you haven't figured it out, Mizuho is the one on the lower right.
1:31min Series Opening - YouTube Video
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Unevaluated Forbin [series:1468#1573]
Analysis : 2 Fansub Seen
  • Drama : Low
  • Comedy : Med
  • Action : None
  • SciFi : None
  • Ecchi : Low (Though if Mizuho was really a girl this would get upgraded to Med)
The first episode was pretty good. Mostly comedy related as his err her proximity to other girls. And least he has his friend to see him through. (Well if his friend is Kyrie from Girls Bravo)

I am surprised at the name Mizuho which the only time I had seen this is with Please Teacher

2nd Episode was Very good. I liked the whole backstory of Shinon (The black haired girl). I want to see more of this but the fansubs are far and few between.

Last updated Monday, November 06 2006. Created Saturday, November 04 2006.
Watch Stretch [series:1468#628]
Whenever I see the keywords "Comedy" and "Gender-Bender" together, I know I'm almost certainly in for a good time. Having watched a good deal of this show, I was puzzled... Mizuho is pretending to be a girl, but other than that, the plot seemed to be moving very slowly. a couple girls have discovered his secret, but promise to keep it to themselves; he's been pressured to run for the position of "Elder" because he's so beautiful and ladylike(?)... but nothing really exciting or dangerous has happened. The thought occured to me that if you watched episode three without having seen one or two, you'd probably never guess that Mizuho is in fact a boy. At times, I almost forgot it myself. It seemed that the "twist" of his gender being kept secret wasn't being used all that much, which was regretable. Three-fourths of the way through the series, and I was still wondering what the deal was here--time was running out! Surely Mizuho will either fall in love or be exposed (or both)--otherwise, what would be the point of his hidden gender? And why was he obliged to enroll at this school to begin with? Some clues had been revealed, but I hoped there was more to it than this. At times I was thinking this show was pretty lame--not enough drama to be a drama, and not enough comedy to be a comedy, you might say--but with "Ghost-chan"'s arrival I started to get modestly into it and continued looking forward to new episodes. As of episode ten a love triangle finally began to emerge: Mariya, who knows Mizuho is actually a boy, and Takako, who doesn't, both find themselves attracted to him. I wasn't expecting Takako to become a love interest, since she seemed a stuck-up bitch at first, but this element of surprise makes it all the more interesting (Takako is not a lesbian, by the way, and is bewildered by her feelings for Mizuho). I was glad that this is only a twelve episode series, though, because at the rate things were moving 26 wouldn't be worth the time. And then there was the final episode; in spite of all my complaints, I have to hand it to the staff for ending the series surprisingly well. Not the sort of ending I was expecting, but the kind that works best. A happy, believable (well, if you can believe the premise of this show to begin with) conclusion that left me feeling good and pleasantly surprised. It certainly won't win any awards, but OwBnK is a modestly silly, fun show, that won't overstay it's welcome by too much. Something must have been done right, because I remained eager for new episodes and curious to see how things would work out right up 'til the end. A rating of "Watch" doesn't mean a show completely sucks in my book. Though I wouldn't pay to buy or rent it, the time it takes to watch it is valuable in itself, and I think it wasn't misspent. I might even rewatch it one of these days. I doubt if this one will ever be R1 licensed. One thing I definitely like is the OP song, which is my third or fourth favorite piece of music of the season.

Last updated Saturday, March 08 2008. Created Thursday, October 12 2006.
Watch Jan-Chan [series:1468#967]
I find myself having to admit that despite some of my shortcomings - I am really enjoying this series. While I really dislike cross-gender stories in which the guy has to ‘pretend’ being a girl, this series really down-plays this issue and just focuses on the unusual and uncommon events that happen at an all-girls school.

Episode 5 somehow just jumped off-the-wall with the appearance of an apparition! A ghost student, who was somehow sealed in Mizuho’s dressing closet. And when she appears, she mistakes Mizuho as someone very dear – someone whom she loved some 20 years ago. (Yep, there is a deeper mystery to Mizuho’s grandfather’s request to his attending this high school.)

This series is probably destined to be a real sleeper – a quiet and low-key charmer – that will win at least a few smiles and smirks with those viewers willing to dare to find the time to watch this series.

But it is strangely well worth the time spent watching!!

Last updated Thursday, January 29 2009. Created Thursday, October 12 2006.

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