Misaki Chronicle ~ Divergence Eve

Title:Misaki Chronicle ~ Divergence Eve
Divergence Eve 2
Divergence Eve: Misaki Chronicles
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Notables: KAKAZU Yumi
KOYASU Takehito
R1 License - ADV (Renamed)

After the grand cosmic reset button was pushed in Divergence Eve, the survivors from the Watcher's Nest have returned to Earth only to discover they are in the wrong time period. They appear to have gone back to a time when Misaki was only a cadet at the Academy. Not only that, but a time barrier surrounds Earth and Ghoul are there as well. The major must make incursions into various time periods in order to eleminate the Ghoul that are there. But why does she run into Misaki from her training days? And why is Misaki at the Academy with her Seraphim partners on Earth when originally she'd never met them until they went into space? Why is there a Misaki in the late 1500's? Who is the ghostly image of a child Misaki that continues to be seen by the major? What are the Ghoul really up to?

[13 TV episodes, the sequel to Divergence Eve.]

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Rent 9 8 6 8 7 7 AstroNerdBoy [series:668#436]

Divergence Eve was nothing special, but I was curious to see where they'd take this. Having the survivors of the Watcher's Nest return to Earth but in the wrong time was an interesting start as is Misaki's appearing throughout Earth's history.

This sequel is done in two parts. Episodes 1 - 6 is the "adventures in time" part and 7 - 13 really pick up where Divergence Eve left off. This first part is where Misaki shows up at various times in Earth's past. Well, I say Earth's past because some events are historical while others are not. The times visited are 1594, 1936, 2305, 2315, and 2316. Once these trips are over, we are launched into part 2 and LeBlanc's ultimate plan. The Ghoul are also explored some and some interesting answers are given, though frankly I found some answers to be...uninspired.

While not as bad as the first series, Misaki Chronicles still suffers from many of the same problems. There are still the gigantic 2-ton heavy breast that all women, save Kotoko the android, have. The writing style still favors the confusing. I really think that as they began writing the first episodes, they had some sort of plan which didn't pan out. Then they shifted back to the original Divergence Eve and wrote a proper ending of sorts for it. While the writers made links between the two parts, they came off to me as cheap and weak.

Another item that occurred to me is continuity. Unfortunately, I no longer have a copy of Divergence Eve so I can't go back and investigate, but I think the writers played loose with the continuity between the two series. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong, but there were things the didn't seem right combined with the ending which would give the writers the perfect excuse to not worry about continuity. I happen to like continuity.

The CGI has improved since the first series. The Ghoul look much better, though still very CGI'ish. The other computer art looks pretty good and there were no real complaints about the animation either. The music is pretty much the same kind of stuff from the first series and that's not a bad thing.

Bottom line: if you watched Divergence Eve, I'm sure you'll want to know some answers that are provided here. Since I did keep coming back and wasn't bored, I'll give this a borderline "rent".

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