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Yuuko-san is swallowed up by some timeless darkness, leaving Watanuki very much alone. Determined to keep his promise to Yuuko, Watanuki moves into the magical manor and manages the store in her absence. Ten years quickly pass when Dōmeki, now an assistant professor, visits with concerns about some uncommon books and charms found in a family estate that he has been asked to investigate - items that may be linked to a ↗Dakini (specifically a type of↗Oinari or fox deity). If that household has been haunted, then the assistance of a witch or warlock may be required to undo its magic.

A single OAD episode (41 minute) release of xxxHOLiC, to be bundled with limited edition copies of XXXHOLiC manga volume 17.

First released in March 2010.

[edit] An anime series inspired by the ↗Clamp created manga series by the ↗same name.
There is also a splash-over (tie-in) with Clamp's Tsubasa Chronicle anime series.
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Buy 9 9 8 8 8 8 Dreamer [series:2282#2279]
Another installment of xxHolic but forward about 10 years. If you're a fan of this franchise, then this makes for a nice addition.

Art, Animation & Character Designs
The first thing I noticed was the artwork/graphics. It seemed a good jump in quality and improvement over the previous installments. Watanuki looked more refined, and with softer colors or shades. Background designs were rich in colors and surprisingly vibrant... considering the fact that this show as a whole is darker in nature.

There was no OP. There was really no soundtrack to speak of either. But there was some moments of eerie wind instruments, hard pianos and the like. The ED was a nice lullaby with male vocals and guitar. Sounded pretty good actually.

Series and Episode Story
I loved the premise.... 10 years have passed since the last we've seen Watanuki and gang. So now we're adults, smoking and drinking shots of saki..... nice. But this time around, it's Watanuki that is smoking the pipe, doing the shots as opposed to Yuuko. As for the plot, it's as subdued as ever. But this doesn't mean it's boring or lacking in good story telling. Though the plot was simple, it was still well done and concluded nicely. What else makes this nice is, you get an idea of what direction in life Watanuki's adolescent crush went.... (phone conversation). And being the fact that our characters are now adults and almost have gone their own seperate ways.... yet still connected as friends, it gives the feeling that the world of xxHolic has come to a close with curtains drawing.

Overall, if you enjoy the xxHolic series, and a fan, then by all means, this is a good one to add to the pack. I enjoy the series so this was a nice welcome.

Last updated Friday, July 02 2010. Created Friday, July 02 2010.
Rent Jan-Chan [series:2282#967]
Issues as to time, space and reality have always been unclear in the xxxHOLiC story. Ghosts from the past commonly visit the present, and the distance between the real world and the spirit world can be as short as a single step.

In a story that plays with time, this episode feels like a foreshadowing of a series of events starting with Yuuko's abrupt departure, which force Watanuki to confront his feelings for the witch and for his obligations in serving her. Of how despite his many complaints and protestations, he has found a place in the magical manor and a feeling of family with the various spirits that reside there.

And over the passage of time in serving as the master of the manor, Watanuki manages to pick up some of the 'coolness' that made Yuuko such an interesting character. But despite the changes, Watanuki's troublesome attitude and petty competition with Dōmeki still remain as a part of him.

If you have seen the first season or two and are familiar with the characters, then this OVA is a fun treat and well worth chasing down....

Last updated Tuesday, June 22 2010. Created Tuesday, June 22 2010.

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