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This animation is based on a Korean fairy tale of the same name with the local sale over 100,000 copies by Jeong Chae-bong, a writer well known for his innocent and heart-stirring tales. It is a story about two orphans, Gilson, a five-year-old boy, and his blind sister Gami who are brought up by a charitable monk at a secluded temple in Mt. Seorak. Gilson, a mischievous boy, is the guide for this hour-long travel in search of innocence. Having a pure heart, he befriends all living things and communicates with clouds, birds and flowers. One snowy day, however... (Source: ANIDB)

Aired on May 1st, 2003
Movie run time - 77 minutes
Produced by Mago21

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Buy 8 7 8 7 9 9 Ggultra2764 [series:1182#1552]
Oseam is an simple, yet excellent, movie looking into Gilson and his older blind sister Gami living in a temple with Buddhist priests after being orphaned from the loss of their parents. Sometimes funny and sometimes dramatic, Oseam explores Gilson's mischief within the temple and trying to learn what his mother was like when she was still alive. The movie does enough fleshing out of Gami and Gilson's characters to allow you to connect with them and some of the problems they face throughout the movie. I don't know enough about Buddhism to comment on the movie's accuracy of it, but the movie doesn't let the religion get too preachy or intrusive in the development of Gilson's character. The visuals to the movie are subdued for the most part with clean details and not-too-bright colors used in the designs of scenery and characters with animation not a major highlight of the movie. But considering the type of movie Oseam is, such a visual presentation is appropriate here. Because of the movie's slice-of-life focus on Gilson and Gami, this may not be a film for everyone. But if you are looking for a good Korean animated film to get into with a nice mix of humor and drama, Oseam is worth a definite look.

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Buy 8 8 8 8 10 10 Xenoknight [series:1182#2967]
A spirited boy and his blind sister live on with only the memories of their mother in mind...

Astonishing is the only word to describe this movie...

The story begins with a bright and playful atmosphere. We meet Gilson, a spirited young boy with the world as his playground, and Gami, a blind young girl with an aura of maturity and gentleness that only a mother is worthy of. As siblings, they look out for and protect each other. The way the story continues to emphasize the fact that they are orphans with no where to go is prevalent in this movie. They travel from place to place and their only goal is to locate their mother, who only Gami has memories of. She tells Gilson tons of stories about their mother whenever he needs to hear them or when he is feeling lonely. This is the only form of positive reinforcement Gilson can look forward to everyday as he clings onto the hope of one day finding his mother. Gami's only wish in the entire world is to keep Gilson safe from harm (you learn her true desire later on). These are the things going through their minds and I began to sympathize with them more and more as time passed on. It only served one true purpose and that was to put myself in their shoes as my emotions and feelings began to grow alongside them. Truly, this movie was an emotionally charged experience from start to finish.

The scene where they needed to cross a stream was significant in more ways than one and was one of my favorite scenes. The stream itself was shallow and easily jumped over in a couple of steps, but it presented an issue for the siblings. Gami, incapable of sight, was entirely dependant on Gilson for direction and courage as all she could do was lift her clothes and cross through the stream barefoot while Gilson was able to hop from stone to stone. Seeing something across the stream that could help speed up this process, Gilson decided to leave Gami (!) and jump across the stream without her. Of course he intended to return, but he got "caught up" and couldn't make it back to her. Gami was frightened out of her mind and struggled feverishly to continue on her own. She fell in the stream and was screaming for Gilson to help her! Though she was able to make it across, she was completely soaked and blamed Gilson for the whole thing. Like I said, although this was a small scene, it was very important in seeing how Gilson and Gami's personalities were like. I could understand and appreciate their innocence and fragility respectively.

When they arrived at the monk's temple, Gilson caused the monks all sorts of trouble during their prayer. I found it hilarious and a sign of sincere comedic-relief. When Gilson finally understood the situation, he sat down and prayed with the monks as if nothing ever happened. It was at that point that called him a "G" for life.

One of the most dramatic scenes was when a pair of rambunctious boys (one more than the other) found Gami and decided to tease her a bit. They lifted her skirt, pulled her hair, and made fun of the "blind bat". Seeing this and slowing being engulfed in pure rage, Gilson came running to her defense. The fight was really well done (just like how two little kids would fight) and he was able to stand up to the bully, though it turned out humiliating for Gilson. After some more slick words from the punks about his sister, Gilson dashed over to them (with the emphasis on his supersonic animation -Sonic the Hedgehog- signifying his anger) and exacted his revenge with devastating force. I must admit, I was proud of the little guy and felt a tremendous level of satisfaction.

The story of what happened to their mother was tragic to say the least. It involved a burning home and a mother desperate to save her children. That event was (it's safe to assume because the movie didn't specify) the reason for Gami's blindness. That scene also revealed the true desire that Gami has involving Gilson. With such an honest request, how can anyone not respect Gami from the bottom of one's heart?

Near the end of the movie is where things get tough. Thinking about Gami's well being, Gilson makes a rather hasty decision that doesn't end well for all parties involved. I was completely against it from the start, but my words would never mean anything to Gilson anyway as his mind was set. All seemed well and time passed on like normal until one snowy day... The details of the day in question would challenge Gilson on every possible level. Disobeying a strict warning leads him to the shrine of an old and forgotten Goddess. Let's just say that things get very emotional from there on out. The ending was indeed bittersweet and I'll never forget the impact the siblings had on me. Always remember that Gilson is a "G" for life...

In summation, I can't begin to describe the impact this title had on me. I felt as if I needed to do my part in keeping the world a better place, especially for the poor and less fortunate out there in the world. With solid art and animation, easy to listen to music, and a story that everyone must respect; I can easily say that this title is one to remember. Recommending this title will be easy as "potatoes" (see the movie to understand), and I can rest assured that anyone who follows my advice will return with a smile on the their face and tears in their eyes. This is one that deserves to be in every anime lover's collection.

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Never forget Xenosaga.

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Buy 9 9 8 9 10 10 Dreamer [series:1182#2279]
This is an innocent and truly remarkable movie. After seeing this, I wanted to learn more about Korean culture, wanted to get a puppy, help the blind and adopt unfortunate orphans.

Art, Animation & Character Designs
The artwork, although not exceptional, was still good. The style seemed subtle, in that, the colors weren't "vibrant" per say, but almost had a water -color look. Even then, that's not the right description..... I suppose I can't put my finger on it. Animation was on par with many other anime. As for character designs... they looked different than your average Japanese anime. I suppose this style can be attributed to a Korean style?

The music had plenty of piano and wind-instruments. For the most part, they were soft, subtle and portrayed a sense of "peace" and "placidness".... in-tune with the nature of the anime... which strongly hints at the peaceful eastern philosphies like Buddhism and Shintoism. At times, they would some sorrowful dirge that would conjure of emotions of pain and loss.

Series and Episode Story
What an amazing, amazing piece of work. As I see more and more anime coming from our friends over on the Korean side, It makes me want to see what else they might have. I mentioned above that this was a truly remarkable piece of work. The sheer innocence of our characters, who are two orphaned children simply stirs the emotions and makes you feel a deep sense of pity for them. Just watching how two young kids, so realistically portraying their struggles as orphans living on their own and how the siblings care for each other nearly had me sniffing. So, suffice it to say, I paused it, ran and got a box of tissues and resumed. Of course, the tissues weren't for me...umm.. they were for cleaning my LCD... ya, of course. The innocence of the 5 year old "Gil-son" during a Buddha prayer session was just too much.... hahahaha! But at the same time, it was heartwarming and stirred the emotions.

One of the most powerful lines was near the end.... "She gave me food when I was hungry". It was not only a powerful line in itself, but when you take the statement and apply it to the setting in which it was said, or even the underlying philosophical messages, it becomes a truly powerful and revelatory statement.... "She gave me food when I was hungry". Wow!!!

Overall, this tells a heartwarming emotional tale that will take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride. The end is bittersweet, but at the same time, you're left with a pure satisfaction that warms the heart.

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