Sangatsu no Lion 2

Title:Sangatsu no Lion 2
3-gatsu no Lion 2
March Comes In Like a Lion 2
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Notables: Animation - Shaft
Second season of Sangatsu no Lion.

22-episode TV anime that premiered on October 14, 2017.
Animated by Shaft.
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This second season of March Comes In Like a Lion continues exploring the developments of Kei and his relationship with the sisters of the Kawamoto sisters. The series shows off the growth of Kei's character from the first series as he is no longer the isolated and introverted young man he was from that time. This shows in the concern he demonstrates for Hinata's well-being during a story arc in the middle of the show's run that deals with bullying that Hina is subjected to, one that the series believably and painfully shows with the social dynamics behind it in Japanese schools. Outside of this, the show also continues to focus on some of Rei's opponents in the world of shogi in exploring the difficulties they face in their lives. Like the last series, March Comes In Like a Lion retains its careful balance of comedy and drama as it knows when to deliver its laughs without getting in the way of any poignant or serious moments. Overall if you were a fan of the first series of March Comes In Like a Lion, this second season continues with providing its solid balance of comedy and drama focusing on Kei and the characters that are part of his life.

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Unevaluated Stretch [series:3432#628]
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The original Lion series seemed decidedly incomplete when it wrapped up, and here's why--because there was at least one additional season in the making. The story picks up where it left off. Rei is at a meeting of his high school science club (the science club and Shogi clubs were combined to get enough members). He experiences an 'Aha' moment when his fellow members ask him exactly why he plays Shogi. Again, the plot of this show has such complexity and sophistication that I almost feel that I'm watching an animated version of a novel. In many anime it's clear from episode one that no semblance of a moving plot is ever going to come together, but not here. This story is clearly going somewhere.

The story goes off on a sort of a tangent when Hina gets into trouble at her middle school when she stands up to three girls who bullied a friend of hers. I wonder how this can interplay with the main theme of Rei's career as a Shogi player and his struggle to find self-confidence and peace. We also learn that a rival of his, Nikaidou, has a serious problem of his own. This show clearly isn't about just Rei. Rei finally takes on the silver-haired Shogi genius Souya, and makes a surprising discovery about why he behaves the way he does. I might point out that I still don't feel that the story as a whole is anywhere near a climax and conclusion, even though it is well into its third and fourth seasons. For example, the issue of Rei's sister has yet to be addressed. I assume the crucial issue will be Rei making peace with himself over his troubled past and the stressful, highly competitive career he follows. He must find a way to be happy, basically. But for now we are pursuing various plot threads, like a revisit to the bullying incident at Hina's school. It became clear that there was no way this story could wrap up before the end of this season, at least not well. Since this is the fourth season already, my patience had stretched a little thin. When the turn of episode 20 to be watched came up, the thought that crossed my mind was that I really didn't want to do this, I would much rather watch something else. I decided that I would continue to download and save episodes, but for now I would take a break from watching this neverending story. IIRC, after a break of several weeks I did indeed watch the remaining episodes. But you get an idea of what a chore it can be to keep up with this show.

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