2018 Titles

Title Rating Synopsis
100 Sleeping Princes and the Kingdom of Dreams: The Animation Unevaluated See Yume Oukoku to Nemureru 100 Nin no Ouji-sama
3-gatsu no Lion 2 Buy See Sangatsu no Lion 2

3D Kanojo Real Girl
Unevaluated Hikari Tsutsui is a teenage boy who spends a good deal of his time in virtual reality and is dismissive of real-world, '3D girls'. By chance he is ordered to clean up rubbish along with Iroha Igarashi, who at first glance seems to epitomize everything he dislikes about 3D girls. To his surprise, with time he realizes that they have some advantages over their virtual counterparts after all.
A Place Further Than the Universe Rent See Sora Yori Mo Tooi Basho

A.I.C.O. -Incarnation-
Buy In Japan in the year 2035, an accident known as the "Burst" occurs during a research project, spawning an out-of-control artificial life form called "Matter" that has spread throughout the Kurobe Gorge. The research city that was once hailed as the hope for humanity is cordoned off by the government. Two years later, 15-year-old Aiko Tachibana, who lost her family in the Burst, learns something unbelievable from Yuya Kanzaki, a new student at her school. A secret is hidden within her body, and the answer to the puzzle lies at the "Primary Point" that was the center of the Burst. Aiko resolves to infiltrate the restricted area, escorted by a team of divers and with Yuya as her guide.
Aggressive Retsuko Buy See Aggretsuko ONA

Aggretsuko ONA
Buy Retsuko is a 25-year old red panda who works in her dream company's accounting department. But it turns out that she is forced to keep doing more and more impossible tasks by her superiors and co-workers. She doesn't talk back to them, but she still has to let off steam, so she ends up going to karaoke by herself and singing death metal.

Akanesasu Shoujo
Rent The five girls of the Akeyuki Academy Broadcasting Club have a strange custom: at 4:44 (weather permitting) they assemble at a shrine, display glow sticks, tune a radio to a frequency that has caught their attention--and wait to be transported to another world. Needless to say, the '4:44 Ceremony' has never resulted in anything unusual--until one day it does.

Amanchu: Advance
Rent Hikari Kohinata and Futaba Ooki have together found joy in many things through scuba diving and the most everyday of events. Hikari was born and brought up in a small oceanside town on Izu, and Futaba moved there from Tokyo, but the two polar opposites met at Yumegaoka High and instantly hit it off. The always-reserved Futaba found her perfect foil in the cheery and optimistic Hikari, and their friendship gave her the courage to take the first step and experience many of the smaller joys in life. She also took the Open Water Diver exam and passed, and now she has her sights set on the Advanced Open Water Diver certification.
An Armor Shop for Ladies and Gentlemen Watch See Otona no Bouguya-san
Angels of Death Unevaluated See Satsuriku no Tenshi

Angolmois: Genkou Kassen-ki
Unevaluated In the year 1274, the invading Mongols have their sights set on Japan. The exiled samurai Jinzaburō Kuchii is in Kamakura when he finds himself face to face with the invasion.
Angolmois: Record of Mongol Invasion Unevaluated See Angolmois: Genkou Kassen-ki

Anima Yell!
Rent Kohane Hatoya cannot help helping others. She is so selfless that her friend Uki urges her to do something for herself for once. One day Kohane happens to see a middle school cheerleading squad practicing, and is immediately transfixed. The only problem: her new high school doesn't have one of these. Kohane resolves that if such a thing does not exist, she will have to create it herself.

Aru Zombie Shōjo no Sainan
Watch A beautiful girl named Euphrosyne is regretfully a zombie. Euphrosyne wakes up in an underground archive of a university, where a maid named Alma tells her, "Madam, kill the students and retrieve the 'Secret Stone.'"
Action(44) Action Comedy(3) Adventure(18) Comedy(56)
Drama(42) Horror(7) Mystery(11) Parody(6)
Romance(22) Romantic Comedy(6) Suspense(1) Tragedy(1)
Fantasy(39) Historical(7) Modern(69) Sci-Fi(34)
All Ages(4) Josei(1) Seinen(1) Shoujo(1)
Silly-funny(1) Weird(3)
Characters and Their Abilities
Animals(1) Artificial Girls(2) Mahou Shoujo(2) Samurai(1)
Superhero(1) Vampires(2) Zombies(2)
Story Elements and Location
Boys Love(1) College(1) Coming of Age(1) Competition(3)
Elementary School(3) Fighting(5) Harem(5) High School(19)
Isekai (Other World)(14) Magic(16) Martial Arts(1) Mecha(9)
Middle School(3) Music(2) Music Oriented(1) Occult(1)
Otaku Theme(9) Police(1) Psychics(3) Slice of Life(10)
Sports(6) Supernatural(10) Swordplay(3) Time Travel(4)
Underworld(1) War(3) Yaoi(1) Yuri(4)
Anthology(1) Cooking(2) Idol theme(1) Reboot(1)
Sequel(14) Spinoff(3) Spinoff-Sequel(1) Video-game inspired(6)
Virtual Reality(8)
Potentially Objectionable
Ecchi(5) Fan Service(15) Violent(12)
Movie(9) ONA(8) OVA(2) Short(8)
TV(109) TV Special(2)
Release Year
2019(3) 2017(3) 2016(1) 2015(1)
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