Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro

Title:Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro
Chio's School Road
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Chio is an unremarkable high school student who considers herself to be a member of the 'Below Average Club' and prefers to avoid the attention of others. Her one source of pride is her performance as an assassin in a video game. She takes these things in stride, accepts her lot in life, and sometimes finds herself in interesting situations while on her way to school each morning.

12 episodes
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Buy 8 7 8 6 8 9 Ggultra2764 [series:3548#1552]
Chio's School Road takes the mundane morning walk to school found with many school-themed anime and takes it to humorous absurdity with the antics of Chio and several of her classmates shown in its shorts that run in two to three segments per episode. Character quirks such as Chio impulsively milking her athletic prowess, Manana trying to usually backstab her close friend, and Yuki's obliviousness to how others perceive her mostly get gut-bustingly amusing with the scenarios set up throughout the series to show off how ridiculous the characters can get before school. The series also isn't afraid to get fairly crude with its humor given the moderate amount of sexual humor and panty shots seen at points, though this likely stems from the creator's past profession as a hentai doujin artist and using scenarios from it for a more widely accessible series. The only character I wasn't too amused with was Madoka's character, who felt like an excuse to show her off as a "creepy lesbian" character type given her interest in the obscure sport of kabaddi is largely an excuse for her to molest other girls. Beyond that, I do have to admit I was surprisingly entertained with Chio's School Road given how hard it is for me to get into anime comedies nowadays. But taking such a mundane element to school anime and making things absurd with it was surprisingly funny for me in many instances throughout the anime's run. A definite recommendation if comedy anime is your cup of tea.

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Unevaluated Stretch [series:3548#628]
(One episode watched):

I think this is a show which would have worked better as a short--perhaps with 12 minute long episodes, at most--rather than as a full length anime. That's because there just weren't enough laughs to make the expenditure of 23 minutes of my time worthwhile. The comedy was modest at best, without any truly LOL jokes, and thinly stretched across the episode. Modest humor of this sort gets old in a hurry and I found myself frequently checking the clock to see how long the show had to go. I detected no sign of deep, interesting characters or an interesting ongoing plot. Character design are simple--a sure sign of simple personalities as well--and sometimes get even simpler when they go into superdeformed mode. The show was about as much fun as reading newspaper comics for 23 minutes. Perhaps if it had been a short I would watch it, but since it isn't I don't think I will.

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