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Action Heroine Cheer Fruits
Unevaluated After her little sister is heartbroken by the cancellation of an appearance by the popular action heroine Kamidaio, Mikase Kise attempts to arrange a substitute performance with her friend An Akagi posing as Kamidaio. They cobble together a halfway decent show, but things don't end there as it also draws the attention of people higher up.

Unevaluated After moving to the city, Yuu, a guy whose social life had previously consisted almost entirely of sending and receiving Tweets, finds himself in a romantic triangle with Fuuka, a new classmate of his, and Koyuki, a girl he hasn't seen in years but is now a famous idol.
gi(a)rlish number Rent See Girlish Number

Girlish Number
Rent Chitose Karasuma has been in the voice actress business for about a year, and has become thoroughly disillusioned with it. She gets little work and little respect, and is convinced that there's something fundamentally wrong with the VA trade. Until, that is, by a fantastic stroke of luck (or is it negligence?) she is suddenly given the primary role in a new anime.

Unevaluated Everybody at school considers Sei Handa to be a very cool guy, but he is completely oblivious to this admiration. He is thoroughly convinced that everybody is out to get him.

Unevaluated For a wide variety or reasons, 30 disenchanted people have signed up for the 'First Life Redo Tour'. They board a bus for the ride to Nanakimura village, which is a mysterious place which may not exist at all, and which no two of them have the same explanation of.
The Lost Village Unevaluated See Mayoiga
はんだくん Unevaluated See Handa-kun
アクションヒロイン チアフルーツ Unevaluated See Action Heroine Cheer Fruits
ガーリッシュ ナンバー Rent See Girlish Number
迷家‐マヨイガ‐ Unevaluated See Mayoiga

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