Ahiru no Sora

Title:Ahiru no Sora
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Notables: Animation - Diomedea
KAJI Yuuki
Kurumantani Sora is a short and juvenile-looking transfer student. Contrary to what one would expect, he has a passion for basketball, as a result of the example his mother set on a championship team. He has his work cut out for him at his new school, where the boy's basketball team is little more than an excuse for delinquents to avoid participating in any serious club.

13 episodes
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:3772#628]
(One episode watched):

The old 'Fiery enthusiastic athlete transfers into a team in shambles and turns it around' gambit, apparently. This show was actually sort of amusing and did not do anything seriously wrong, except perhaps that the delinquents Kuromantani must mold into a credible team are pretty much assholes. These are guys who beat Kuromantani up and robbed him before they learned they would be on the same basketball team (IIRC), and it's hard to see how anybody could radically reform them. there is a hint of romance possibly coming about, which is sort of intriguing. In general, this seemed like a pretty average show. The sort which, if there weren't all that many other prospects I would watch, and if there are I wouldn't. As it worked out, there were enough satisfactory shows other than this one.

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