Sora Yori Mo Tooi Basho

Title:Sora Yori Mo Tooi Basho
A Place Further Than the Universe
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Mari Tamaki often plans daring trips to faraway locales, but tends to chicken out at the last moment. But a curious experience in a train station puts her on course for a visit not just to Hokkaido or Okinawa, but to Antarctica.

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Unevaluated Stretch [series:3468#628]
(Six episode watched):

I watched episode one of this show just after watching episode one of the new anime about the girl who loves Ramen, and the differences were striking. Whereas that anime had completely lacked an intriguing, ongoing plot, this show most certainly had one. How will four schoolgirls find their way to Antarctica? Will they somehow sign on as crewmembers of the icebreaker that is visiting Japan? Is there really any chance that the mother of one of them, who went missing in Antarctica a good while ago, is still alive? I would like to know the answers to these questions. I guess the idea here is to put forward what would seem an out-of-the-question goal and have the four girls struggle to achieve it. It sort of reminded me of the anime in which a Japanese girl becomes an astronaut in an unlikely manner. What's more, while the Ramen show was supposedly a pure comedy, I found this show to be funnier than it was. The jokes are on a higher level of sophistication and cleverness, so even though one would think they are secondary to the main plot, they were still better than those of the aforementioned show. So, I'm onboard for Yorimoi.

Episode two didn't impress me as much as episode one had; perhaps I got the impression that this show wasn't going to be as 'deep', as psychologically sophisticated, as I had thought. That was important, because while the jokes are OK, they are not LOL funny and therefore I need a decent story as well. In episode three the team of four girls comes together and we get a plausible explanation of how they will be accepted as passengers on the trip to Antarctica. One potential problem is that it seems unclear if this will primarily be a search for the missing mother of one of the girls, or a matter of tourists getting a look at the wonders of Antarctica. With the show taking a sort of happy-go-lucky attitude, it's hard to believe that the answer they get will be that the mother has died somehow. So, while I will continue watching for now, this show doesn't seem to be living up to my initial expectations.

I notice that the tension and excitement I feel has fallen off somewhat. Maybe that's because now that the girls have been given permission to tag along on the trip to Antarctica, the central question of 'will they ever make it there?' seems to be already answered, even though the show is at most halfway complete. Something might always go wrong (and almost certainly will), but it's now more likely that the trip will come off without a hitch than that they will fail, which isn't exactly conducive to drama.

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