Seikai no Monshou

Title:Seikai no Monshou
Crest of the Stars
星界の紋章 (Japanese)
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Notables: Animation - SUNRISE
KOYASU Takehito
R1 License - Bandai (Defunct)
In a distant future, the powerful Abh Empire is actively extending its influence and control to many of the adjacent star systems. The arrival of the genetically modified Abh and their different ways changes the life of a young human named Jinto Lin. As part of his world’s peace agreement with the Abh, his family is elevated into the noble elite of the Abh Empire, and he has trouble accepting that he is now the heir to his family’s hereditary title. His new importance as an Abh noble gets him sent off world to be schooled in the Abh language and culture, where he happens to first meet and become first-name-friends with a young Abh female trainee pilot. It is only later does Jinto come to understand that his cute friend Lafiel is really a granddaughter of the ruling Abh Empress and a royal heir to the throne. So together, they start a journey to travel to Abh capital, an adventure troubled with many difficulties which helps them realize that their friendship and trust in each other is something stronger than any imperial title or difference in race.

The opening sequence of the first episode is spoken in the Abh language (not Japanese) and isn't subbed for the effect of outlandishness (while other scenes spoken in Abh are in fact subbed when they appear later in the series, see the Seikai no Senki III opening for an example; the original novels provide extensive translation information between Abh and Japanese language so it's not like these scenes couldn't be translated).

[TV series, 1999, 13 episodes, 24 min (the final episode is 40 min); produced by Bandai Visual & Sunrise]
2:51min Series Opening - YouTube Video
1:09min English Language Promo - ANN (high res) Streaming Vid

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Buy 8 8 8 9 9 9 Ggultra2764 [series:329#1552]
Having heard about the notoriety of the Stars space opera saga, I was curious to check it out since I've had little exposure to space opera anime titles, other than Mugen no Ryvius. It has the feel of an epic and while not perfect, it was still a good watch for me.

Crest of the Stars features a cast of characters with enough depth for one to connect with. An interstellar war is about to take place and this effects the beliefs of each of the characters involved in this space opera. The biggest character chemistry in this series is the development of Lafiel and Jinto's bond as the incoming war gets them on a journey across space and allows the two to better understand each other. The conversations between the two felt believable as both change for the better in each other's presence throughout their journey.

Plot wise, there is a complex plot to Crest of the Stars which delves into the political structures and tensions between the Abh empire and United Mankind empire. A good chunk of this information can be learned from the narrations at the start of each episode which detail on such things like aspects of Abh culture and the formation of the United Mankind empire. This tension is even shown through interactions between leaders of both empires.

Besides political tensions and conflicts of war, another major theme that influences some aspects of the series is racism. This effects the actions of some of the characters thanks to the Abh presence stemming from either feelings of inferiority or the belief of the Abh having greater happiness. Those living on land even have their own preconceived notions on what the beliefs of the Abh are. For Jinto, he has a cultural gap to cross as he finds himself adjusting to the common courtesies used by the Abh.

There isn't much for me to fuss about with Crest of the Stars. There's wasn't anything with the artwork and character designs that stood out for me having similar quality to Mugen no Ryvius. Plus, the plot is left open for the next season of the series, Banner of the Stars. But, I liked much of what I seen from the series so I went on to see this next part to the space opera saga.

If you crave space opera anime titles or just want some great character drama mixed with political tensions in a sci-fi environment, then this first chapter to the Stars anime saga should do the job well for you.

Last updated Monday, August 11 2008. Created Saturday, August 02 2008.
Buy 9 8 10 8 10 10 dirtyd12 [series:329#1785]
This is simply a really good story. . . very well thought out. I seen all of the series and the sequels. Jinto and Lafiel probably have my vote for best anime couple. (Next to Sousuke and Chidori, Kon and Suzumiya, & Rock and Revy). This series has nice action and will leave you with a warm feeling at the end. Watch the sequels too: Banner of the Stars, Banner of the Stars II, and Banner of the Stars III (OVA). All of them make an excellent epic.

Last updated Monday, September 17 2007. Created Monday, September 17 2007.
Unevaluated Stretch [series:329#628]
(Two episodes watched):

The episodes of Crest of the Stars open in a distinctly movie-like manner, which is kind of cool and ups my hopes about this widely praised series. I'm surprised to see that there are only 13 episodes--short series like that usually seem like they were not taken particularly seriously and are quickly forgotten once they complete their run. At first I thought the subtitles were faulty as I wasn't getting any translation of frantic voices speaking in some strange language, but I don't think they made sense to viewers in Japan either. I switched back and forth between sub and dub modes several times before I decided the subtitles would be preferable. I was already expecting pretty much everything that happened in the first episode, based on the synopses I'd read. It's not until episode two that we really meet one of the Abh aliens. Witty dialogue quickly instills a sense of sympathy and identification with the characters. A neat mix of creative sci-fi technology and cultural differences keep the show interesting and engaging. It's like, "I have no idea where this is going, but I'm fascinated nevertheless"--in other words, it's original. A sure sign of how entrancing this show is would be the feeling I have at the end of an episode that it was only 15 or so minutes long, rather than the actual length of 23-odd minutes. One slight improvement, IMO, would be if the character designs (of humans, that is) were a little more realistic--the actual ones somehow seem to not do such a neat show justice. I bought the Bandai box set of this series some time ago (because I'd already been given a copy of one of the sequel series, I think), but have only now gotten around to watching it. This will be one of the series I view once a week on Saturday night, which I think of as "Action Night". Comedy is my favorite anime genre, but along with whatever new shows Adult Swim is showing on Saturdays (invariably action of some sort), I watch whatever drama/action shows of my own have caught my interest. Anyway, my hopes are high for Crest of the Stars.

Last updated Sunday, May 13 2007. Created Tuesday, May 08 2007.
Rent 7 8 8 9 8 9 Devil Doll [series:329#752]
[Score: 82% = "Rent+", but each of its three sequels is even better]
Despite being an old Trekkie, Space Opera isn't my favourite genre in anime. But having seen so many recommendations for this series I feel like finally giving it a try - and it turned out to be a clear winner.

From its look & feel, this series is Lodoss Wars in Space (and that's not because of Lafiel being the "Elfen Girl", or because the Art looks strikingly similar).
The setting might have been taken from Asimov's "Elias Bailey" novels: Mankind is facing a superior race who are mankind's own spin-off.
There's also a distinct touch of Evangelion here - be it the tech talk, the conversations between the two lead roles (the shy boy and the hyperactive girl), the dramatic orchestral Music (most notably the bombastic OP theme!), the relaxed jazzy interludes... I felt "at home" in this series at an early stage already.
Now add the diplomacy & treachery elements from "Dune" - voila, we're almost there.
The last missing ingredients are the "culture gap" and "racism" elements, with Jinto standing between two races and two civilizations, trying to understand his own role in a long-lasting interstellar war that's about to begin.
And all of this is presented in a high-speed action series with a few funny interludes now and then. The romance element is hardly even mentioned so far - this series is about building up trust between Jinto and Lafiel.

My copy seems to be sub-par so the Animation doesn't thrill me up to now. The narration style is wonderful; some of the recaps in the early episodes annoyed me at first but they were soon replaced by helpful cultural resp. history lessons at the start of the later parts of the series. Episode Story almost got a top rating because all of this.

Like in Lodoss Wars, the Character Development suffers a little from too many characters being around and the development of the leads obviously being far from completed - I like the progress Jinto made during the series but Lafiel was hard to accept on certain occasions. But the Series Story works very well, providing a marvellous ending in a double-length final episode. And the story is more serious than the one of Lodoss Wars, with hardly any ridiculous scene (except for the gunfights that really unnerved me). Most of it is just - better.
In the end it was only the drama level and the depth of the character development being not intense enough to earn this series an absolute top ranking in my anime list - but it ended up being the action/adventure series with the second highest score I've given to this genre so far (beaten only by Koukaku Kidoutai STAND ALONE COMPLEX). I absolutely have to see more of this world - and what better recommendation could I give?

Last updated Tuesday, August 17 2010. Created Friday, September 15 2006.
Buy Jan-Chan [series:329#967]
If you enjoy hardcore sci-fi with a dramatic overtone, a lot of adventure and a hint of romance, then this is a very fun series.

I have posted some pic's of the first episode in the <episode details> to share some of the animatisic flavor of this epic series.

Episode titles:

01. Invasion
02. Kin of the Stars
03. Daughter of Love
04. Surprise Attack
05. The Battle of Gosroth
06. Mysterious Conspiracy
07. Fortunate Revolt
08. The Style of the Abh
09. To the Battlefield
10. Escape: Just the Two of Us
11. Sufugnoff Gateway Battle
12. Lady of Chaos
13. Trouble Soaring Through Heaven

Last updated Tuesday, August 30 2005. Created Tuesday, August 30 2005.

Buy Forbin [series:329#1573]
Drama : Med / High
Action : Low / Med
Comedy : Low
SciFi : High
Ecchi : None

A very good series about a boy and a girl. One's a land human and the other is an alien from space.

My only real complaint. Either the disc I have is a bootleg, or they just plain forgot to Dub the first 5 minutes. Very odd. Considering it has Bandai Extras on it.

Last updated Sunday, March 19 2006. Created Wednesday, January 19 2005.
Rent dhrachth [series:329#962]
The dialogue is a bit stilted, but the characters are likeable and it has a plot--something so often lacking in anime.
Basic coming of age space adventure stuff, nothing new or startling, but pleasant to watch.

Last updated Thursday, September 11 2003. Created Thursday, September 11 2003.
Buy 7 8 10 9 10 Greg Bread [series:329#763]
crest of the stars is a great example of well written anime. The dialogue flows together very well and the conversations that take place are very interesting and realistic. So well is it done that I found myself losing track of time well watching this. The depth of the characters and the relationships between them are complex and at the same time easy to relate to.
A story about intergalactic politics and conflicting cultures has been done before many times, so the story isn't completely original and the animation isn't outstanding. But the series has so many strong points that these small complaints can be easily overlooked.
Not everyone will like it but you dont has to have a special taste to like it either. I would highly reccomend this to n e 1 that likes a strong story.

Last updated Thursday, June 12 2003. Created Thursday, June 12 2003.
Buy CatWoman [series:329#65]
GRRR, this one had SO much potential! They have so much story to tell, and it seems just as they are getting into the meat of the story, they end it! *twitch twitch* well at lest they end it well. I do wish they had gone further with this story, but it is good as it is! It is defiantly worth watching again! The characters are wonderful and the plot has so much to offer. Though like I said, at the end you find yourself craving more.

Last updated Tuesday, January 08 2002. Created Tuesday, January 08 2002.
Buy 10 8 10 9 10 Midnighter [series:329#94]
Crest of the Stars is anime at its best. Excellent character designs, animation, dialogue and pacing make for a series that kept me glued to the seat.
Rather than relying on gimmicky gunfights of the week ( certain popular animes...) Crest of the Stars dazzles with intelligent character interaction, the two main characters engage in fascinating discussions on everything from culture to reproduction, the attempts to familiarize themselves with another people's way of life is a wonderful touch, and something that is rarely addressed in Sci-Fi. Jinto and Lafiel's interaction and discussions were far more enjoyable for me than the inane space battles, which seemed to be simply tacked on to hold imbiciles' interest. "Too much talk! I wants guns an' 'splosions!" If one doesn't like a character driven series, one may not like Crest of the Stars, because it is NOT an action anime, so find a violence fix elsewhere.
The character designs were what prompted me to get the first disc, needless to say they are wonderful, with a unique look to them. The elvish Abh look particularly good. The animation is very good with some nice CG that doesn't make the veiwer flinch. The story, as I have said before, is masterful, weaving a tale of political intrigue, running combat and human drama that satisfies to the very end. (NOTE: The VERY past the credits on the last episode.)
Political conflict and character development and interaction combine to form a fascinating amalgated story that is slow to develop, but never seems to drag.
Overall, I can't recommend Crest of the Stars enough. Truly a masterpiece. A definate buy for the high quality in every aspect. If one loves character development and introspective story telling, Crest of the Stars is a perfect anime.

Last updated Tuesday, January 08 2002. Created Tuesday, January 08 2002.
Watch 8 8 9 7 8 Anonymous #130 [series:329#130]
I'd like to start off with that I have seen 3/4 of the series already and I don't think it's going to conclude the whole story (because there are other series of this I think?). Crest of the Stars is a really nice story. It definitely is not for the type who like fast-paced animes.
I really do not relate this to any other animes I have seen because I cannot think of one that really relates to this. The slow paced nice feeling Crest of the Stars gives you is like that of Niea_7. You see the characters and they develop and they go through life trying to survive and a story is being told.
Crest of the Stars does not exactly have a long story but just a chapter in the life of the main characters, Jinto and Lafiel.
I think it's worth watching for the majority of anime viewers. I bought this (I buy all my anime anyway so..) but I don't think I'd watch this one more than 3 times over a long LONG period of time.

Last updated Monday, December 03 2001. Created Monday, December 03 2001.
Buy 9 9 10 9 10 The Coyote [series:329#64]
This one gose with Bebop as far as well told story's but perhaps it's strenth is the opisite of Bebop in that instead of being episodic and easy to watch seperatly the charater depth is so deep that you feel that you know these characters Lafil is so genuine and her relationship with Jinto seems so real i.e. the conversation in episode 3 is so well done the flow is so natural that you forget your not involed in the conversation. any one can realate to telling story's about yourself to some one you find attractive and how at ease you feel when things just flow. this is a totall master peice a defiante bye. I only find myself wanting more than 12 episodes. oh well.

Last updated Thursday, April 25 2002. Created Monday, October 15 2001.
Rent 8 9 10 7 8 Courtney [series:329#80]
I jokingly refer to CREST OF THE STARS as STAR TREK meets THE WONDER YEARS, but that's not too far from the truth in all actuality.
Chronicling the journey of a human boy named, Jinto as he dives head-long into a world he knows precious little about, CREST OF THE STARS is one of those series that lets everyone know how much thought and effort went into creating it. The animation is stunning and the mythology sets up for an interesting tale to follow, but its probably going to bore someone who likes their anime to be either laugh a minute or gory as hell. Yes, there is humor and yes, there is violence, but it's all so low-key compared to the socio-political plot that is the heart and soul of the series. CREST OF THE STARS is a bit of a thinker. It's not a story about space travel and war-torn galaxies, it's a story about people challenged by and trying to overcome their preconceptions and prejudices that just so happens to be set in space. I think my only real complaint is the ending lacked something. Maybe I just expected too much near the end or maybe it just fell apart, I don't know, but I thought something more could have been done and it could have been done better. My best advice is to keep in mind this was only meant to be a brief part in the lives of Jinto and Lafiel that would be remembered with foundness as possibly the first of many memories shared in one another's esteemed company.
Watching CREST OF THE STARS is like a lesson in culture shock with some other interesting components to keep your attention, not for everyone but I think some of you might really like it.
For other chronicles of life refer to:

Last updated Sunday, February 17 2002. Created Thursday, October 11 2001.

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