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Area 88 (OVA)
Rent Area 88 is a secret airbase in the fictional Middle East kingdom of Asram, which is torn by civil war. It houses a unique unit, a squadron of mercenary jet pilots, which is routinely assigned the most dangerous missions. Among the best of these pilots is Shin Kazama, who wound up at Area 88 as a result of being betrayed by a friend. This fellow got Shin drunk, tricked him into enlisting as a mercenary pilot, then skedaddled back to Tokyo to seduce Shin's girlfriend. Shin now has few options open to him: get killed in action, serve out his three year enlistment, or perhaps earn $1.5 million through destroying enemy equipment to buy out his "contract" and end his tour of duty early. He attempts this course, but is tormented by thoughts of the countless men he must kill in order to succeed. There is one last option--he could attempt to desert...
Banner of the Stars II Buy See Seikai no Senki II
Case Closed Rent See Meitantei Conan

Choujuu Kishin Dancougar
Watch Emperor Muge Zarbados and his Empire of Death decide that their next conquest will be the faraway planet of Earth. Muge becomes even more fearsome because of Shapiro Keats, a power-hungry Earthling-turned-traitor. It's up to Shinobu, Sara (Shapiro's old girldfriend), Masato, and Ryo of the Jyusenkitai/Cyber Beast Force to pilot the four Jyusenki/Beast Mecha (Eagle Fighter, Land Cougar, Land Liger, and Big Moth, a mammoth mecha), which can combine into the giant mech Dancougar.
Crest of the Stars Buy See Seikai no Monshou
Crest of the Stars Movie Watch See Seikai no Monshou Movie

Cyber City Oedo 808
Buy In the year 2808, three criminals are offered a choice: Spend the rest of their lives aboard a maximum-security orbital prison, or return to Earth as agents of the Cyber Police. Parole violations will be rare as each criminal is fitted with a booby trapped, high-explosive collar which operates on a 24-hour timer. If ever a check-in is missed, the consequences would be...gruesome. For every criminal caught, the agents recieve a "bounty" that reduces their total sentence, so some day they may walk free again.
Dancougar Watch See Choujuu Kishin Dancougar
Detective Conan Rent See Meitantei Conan

Dragon Half
Rent A dragon-half girl (she's half-dragon, that is) named Mink seeks to become human and love her hero, Dick Saucer! - ehhh, who happens to be a dragon-slayer. Meanwhile she comes into opposition with Saucer's other fan, a ... slime-half??
Kyūketsuki Hantā Dī Rent See Vampire Hunter D

Megazone 23
Rent (1ST AND 2ND MOVIE)In the distant future mankind has totally worn out the earth. In a desperate attempt to save the earth, all of mankind is sent into space on pod spaceships known as Megazones. Each megazone carries a billion people, and they are to remain in space till the earth has reclaimed the whole planet. But space is a dangerous place, and the last two remaining megazones, one of them named "Megazone 23", are finally coming back to earth.

Meitantei Conan
Rent High School student Shinichi Kudou was a virtual Sherlock Holmes, who the Tokyo police regularly turned to for help in solving baffling cases. But then he accidentally learned too much for his own good about a murder case, and was caught by the villains. They poisoned him and left him for dead, but the "poison" had an unexpected effect--rather than killing him, it caused Shinichi to revert to the appearance of an elementary school boy! He retains his skills as a brilliant detective, however, and since that incident has managed to become adopted by his former girlfriend and her less-than-exemplary private detective father. With them he carries on his passion, and searches for clues to a possible antidote to the poison he was forced to swallow.

Seikai no Monshou
Buy In a distant future, the powerful Abh Empire is actively extending its influence and control to many of the adjacent star systems. The arrival of the genetically modified Abh and their different ways changes the life of a young human named Jinto Lin. As part of his world’s peace agreement with the Abh, his family is elevated into the noble elite of the Abh Empire, and he has trouble accepting that he is now the heir to his family’s hereditary title. His new importance as an Abh noble gets him sent off world to be schooled in the Abh language and culture, where he happens to first meet and become first-name-friends with a young Abh female trainee pilot. It is only later does Jinto come to understand that his cute friend Lafiel is really a granddaughter of the ruling Abh Empress and a royal heir to the throne. So together, they start a journey to travel to Abh capital, an adventure troubled with many difficulties which helps them realize that their friendship and trust in each other is something stronger than any imperial title or difference in race.

Seikai no Monshou Movie
Watch This movie retells the story of the first season of Seikai no Monshou by condensing 14 episodes into 90 minutes by focusing in on and only highlighting the most important events of the series.
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