Seikai no Monshou Movie

Title:Seikai no Monshou Movie
Crest of the Stars Movie
星界の紋章 総集編
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Notables: IMAI Yuka
KOYASU Takehito
This movie retells the story of the first season of Seikai no Monshou by condensing 14 episodes into 90 minutes by focusing in on and only highlighting the most important events of the series.

90 minute movie
Animation by Sunrise &Bandai Visual

1:07min U.S. Trailer - YouTube Video
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Watch Jan-Chan [series:1444#967]
Pls do not get me wrong – I really like this series, especially the first and second seasons. But to condense a story that covers some 14 episodes (or some 280 minutes of anime footage) into a 90-minute format will require a number of compromises. The movie could only focus in on the most basic story elements and sacrificed most of those elements that made the original series so memorable.

This movie is worth the watch in any case. If you like cliff-notes (or condensed factual compilations) of books and movies, then you might enjoy this. Otherwise, it might best be considered a pale shadow of its source, devoid of most the personal touches and story elements that distinguished the original.

Sorry, I can just can not to rate it higher than a WATCH.

Last updated Thursday, September 28 2006. Created Thursday, September 28 2006.
Rent 7 8 7 8 7 Devil Doll [series:1444#752]
[score: 73%, my lowest possible "Rent-" rating and 9 points below the TV series]
  • Drama: Low/Med (no time to attach to the characters)
  • Comedy: None (no time for filler/mood scenes)
  • Action: Med (starship battles, gunplay)
  • SciFi: High (space opera, alien race)
  • Ecchi: None
Well, that's what you get when you condense a 14 episodes story into 90 minutes: Less Character development (many of the side characters' motivations are hard to understand), and fewer scenes with good Music (as this summary version has to focus on the dialogues as to tell the story).

That's not to say this movie wouldn't works as a stand-alone piece. It's just that it appears rushed while the series had a great timing when to insert a calm, thoughtful scene or a long conversation. Many references to scenes in this movie (like Lafiel's cat, or the reaction by the enemy captain near the end) are impossible to understand because the explanation were completely left out. So you have to focus on the action elements - if you're fine with that it's still a nice movie. The development between the leads is described in a reasonable way, and that's what counts for this story.

I suggest watching this movie after you've seen the Seikai no Monshou series. It does serve as a good summary, and you'll like it when you fill in the missing series scenes from your memory.

Last updated Wednesday, July 13 2011. Created Thursday, September 28 2006.

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