Seikai no Danshou

Title:Seikai no Danshou
Crest of the Stars: Birth
Crest of the Stars: Fragment Birth of Stars
Lost Chapter of the Stars
Seikai no Monshou Birth
星界の断章 (Japanese)
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Notables: Animation - SUNRISE
This is the story about how Dubus, Lafiels father, and Plakia after an adventure on a mysterious, abandoned spaceship decided to have a daughter together and why Dubus gave her the name Lafiel.

1 OVA episode, 25 min
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Watch 8 8 8 9 7 Ggultra2764 [series:1438#1552]
Took me long enough to find this OAV to Crest of the Stars. Simply put, this OAV is an extra treat for fans of the series exploring an adventure with Lafiel's parents and provides some background regarding Lafiel's upbringing, such as the joke her parents decided to play regarding her origins. Visuals were on par with the TV series and music's similar to what you heard from the series as well. If you enjoyed Crest of the Stars, this is a decent extra for you to check out.

Last updated Sunday, July 12 2009. Created Sunday, July 12 2009.
Watch Devil Doll [series:1438#752]
Having watched Seikai no Monshou just yesterday, this special feels a little odd. You won't understand what's happening here unless you know the series; then again if you do this will spoil a lot of the suspense this OVA special could provide, given you know the outcome already.
So in the end this is little more than some additional background information for the series fans in nicely presented form.

Last updated Sunday, September 17 2006. Created Sunday, September 17 2006.

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