Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid - 7: Left Behind

Title:Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid
Episode:7: Left Behind
Continue from Episode 6. Sousuke has just gotten the order (in English) to leave and return to Mithril without telling Kaname. Instead he goes outside and yells for Wraith to talk to him. Since wraith didn't, Sousuke starts telling anyone and everyone all about his mission and the special Whispered. Wraith calls him to shut him up. Next is a long 10 minute speech about how Wraith was always there and Sousuke's real role was a decoy or diversion. In fact, Sousuke was supposed to be recalled a long time ago but his division chief (Kalinin?) asked that he stay on as long as he had. Now it's time for the little boy to go home! Sousuke is pissed but he packs up the truck and leaves.

Next day Kaname is going to school, she is feeling pretty good about Sousuke and notices he isn't in school that day. His cell phone isn't answering either. On the way home, she bumps into Xiu Fang Lan and senses that something evil just went by (I guess her Whispered power is maturing). She goes home and locks the door. Then she gets a strange crank call and goes running to Sousuke's place to look for a radio (I guess she thought he was on another mission). Instead she finds an empty apartment, and her notebook on the floor.

Sousuke is GONE. And now it looks like the twins have located her.
Wow some major drama here. And it looks like Sousuke wasn't there to protect but to provide a diversion for Wraith.

I wonder where the Mecha twin is.

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