Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid - 2: What Lies Beneath the Waters Surface

Title:Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid
Episode:2: What Lies Beneath the Waters Surface
This is a split episode with 2 different plots running at the same time. I will split them up here:

The scene opens with a picture of Kaname waking up (A little butt fan service), looking outside and spotting a peeper. At school, Sousuke activates some kind of radar jammer that shuts down all the power in the school's portable devices, erasing the teachers laptop. His friend tells him that someone has created a website dedicated to Kaname and all of her most embarrassing moments. Sousuke vows to find them and spends the next few minutes attacking anyone who comes within 5 feet of Kaname. Finally he locates the culprit (some little otaku) who was next door and had lost to Kaname in the last election. The otaku vows to upload to the world a picture of Kaname picking her nose. Sousuke then turns on his device FULL POWER and destroys every computer in the school to stop it. Afterwards you find out that someone else is watching Kaname and I don't think he's doing it for hentai purposes.

The 2nd part is VERY different. It starts out showing 2 girls taking a bath Naked and toweling each other off (Fan Service on MAX). Turns out they are SISTERS (Lesbian Incest ones at that) and they are taking care of their Sensei (Read below for who he is). They get a job offer and take it even though they hate the guy. Cut to a helicopter, this guy Gates (Who is the job) is talking about getting some money and doing a play by play recap of the entire action from episode one even though it was over 24 hours ago. His assistant who keeps disagreeing with him finally gets pushed out of the helicopter to reenact the scene where Sousuke jumped onto Tessa's sub.(Minus a parachute or a way to survive the fall). He lands in a stadium where Colonel Maless is waiting for him (with about 20 men and an AS). Gates asks for his money and Maless tries to have him killed. Gates pulls a 'City Hunter' on him and shoots him dead on in the head. He then tells him 4 men (well 3 and 1 girl) to kill the others. An AS comes up from behind (It had ECS) and kills the AS and tanks and the 4 on the ground kill off the 20 men. (Very good scene for one of the girls as she gets to business). During all of this, Gates is singing AVA MARIA at the top of his lungs (What a wacko). Afterwards the sister on the ground (The other was in the AS) tells Gates how pointless that was and Gates gets his gun and shoves it in her teeth (considering he just SHOT the last guy 30 seconds before, he was being nice). Afterwards the 2 sisters are talking and a phone rings. The AS sister reaches INTO THE SHIRT of the ground sister (Another Fan service scene) and they get a call from a man who's back is the only thing shown. He tells them to be careful.
Ok lets count the fan service shots.
Kaname's Butt
Kaname's Legs but no Panty shot (If this was Gonzo you know there would've been panty shots)
Sister A Naked
Sister B Naked
Twins Naked!
Twins Naked and KISSING! (Lesbian and Incest eh?)
Sister B on the cell phone NAKED.
One twin feeling up the other to get a cell phone.

Ok the 'Sensei' in the bed the sisters are protecting is OBVIOUSLY Garoun. You can see his 'antenna' in the scene very quickly.
The Gentleman on the phone is Leonard. What he is doing in this is unrevealed at this point though we know that he's possibly sleeping with the sisters (OMG Lesbian, Incest, and now they are Bisexual). Damn this is Futakoi Alternative Panic Style!

Can you believe that Gatoh originally made the twins MEN!

AstroNerdBoy -- 26 July 2005

Personally, I was somewhat disappointed with this episode. Personally, I find the insertion of the incestuous lesbian twins to be uncalled for. Scratch that. The twins are fine, it is the obvious sexual stuff which should be removed IMO. While I've not read the original novel(s), I dare say that Gatoh-sensei's male twins weren't playing "dock the submarine" in the shower. When writers feel the need to inject HEAVY ecchi content, it raises a red flag with me -- maybe their story sucks!

I did find it interesting that while the producers of this series felt the need to have naked, incestuous, lesbian twins for otaku to get their rocks off, they didn't show Kaname's panties as I thought they might. Weird.

Still, more groundwork was being laid with this episode and I have high hopes for the series still.

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