Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid - 12: The Burning Hong Kong

Title:Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid
Episode:12: The Burning Hong Kong
Story Line
Short Version
Sousuke meets an old aquaintance

This episode is also broken up into 3 parts this time.

Hunter is mad that the war has started after all he tried to stop it. Behind him you hear a VERY familiar voice trying to get in to see him.

Tessa orders the ARX-7 readied (That's the Arbalest if you didn't know). Mardukas has a major fight with her about trusting Sousuke after he abandoned the mission. She basically tells him off and how Sousuke has always been there for Mithril. Also here she says 'I LOVE him' during the tirade. Mardukas is so proud that Tessa is finally getting stronger and orders the ARX-7 loaded. The other Urzu's were on the line at that moment and are proud of Tessa and how she is always looking out for them.

Sousuke is following the clue for the 'Son of the Tiger'. He heads to a region and asks the guy where the Arabs hang out. The guy points at a certain store. The man there gives him a map of a park. At the park Sousuke finds a cellphone that tells him to get into a taxi. The Taxi takes him to another part of town. Yu Fang (AS Pilot) is there and tells him to go to the 2nd floor where someone is waiting for him.

That someone is Gauron. Gauron is just a torso (ewww) now. He talks about how he escaped (activated the Lambda driver), who he worked for (Amalgam), why they function (They sell Military hardware to the highest bidder), his history with Sousuke (he was a AS trainer), and how he ordered Yu Fang to destroy Hong Kong until Amalgam or Mithril destroys her. He explains that they are still after Kaname because her 'Whispered' power hasn't been identified and it may hold some super secret like the Lambda driver. He then taunts Sousuke about how soft he's become and how he ordered the destruction of that 'softness', Aka Kaname Chidori. He then tells a major lie (If you have seen episode 9) about how Yu Lan killed her. Sousuke is so pissed off that he shoots Gauron dead. Turns out that's what Gauron wanted because he booby trapped his ICU to explode when he dies. Sousuke jumps out of the window and hits a car.
Holey Crap!!!!
After 2 episodes of sleepy story the drama kicks in High Gear! I knew Gauron was alive (From episode 0) but OMG that was one incredible scene between them.

Too bad he didn't last longer, but he did fill in the Missing gaps about Amalgam (And it's leader Gates) and the fact that Leonard works for them.

Good for Tessa! She needed that kind of backbone to lead the sub, and it looks like she is openly saying that she loves Sousuke. (She already declared war on Kaname back in FMP 1).

And I'm not telling you who visited Hunter. It's obvious when you see the episode.

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