Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid - 11: His Problem

Title:Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid
Episode:11: His Problem
Story Line
Short Version
Sousuke wanders around Hong Kong

Continuing from Episode 10.....

Sousuke is wandering around Hong Kong looking dejected, he sees a shopowner packing up and he buys a bottle of whiskey from him. The shop owner tells him to go home or he will die. Sousuke thinks that dying is a good thing.

Urzu 9 finds a body in a building that has a message: 'To the Son of the Tiger, meet me in Sha Tsui'. Kalinin reveals that the Tiger is a man who couldn't be killed and his son is a boy who only knows how to fight, AKA Sousuke Sagara. Tessa wants to tell Sousuke and this is where she finds out that he has abandoned the mission. The other Urzu team members are in their AS's ready to launch and discuss why Sousuke has left.

Sousuke is wandering around some more when he meets up with a Hooker that looks just like Kaname. (I will call her Kana-ho from here on). Kana-ho asks him if he wants to go with her and after 2 minutes (a real LONG 2 minutes) he does. She takes him up to a room and they start drinking. She points out that she had a boyfriend that looked just like Sousuke but not so serious (Insert panty shot here). They talk about his work and she comments that he should just abandon his work because anyone can do it. Sousuke though is having flashbacks about Kaname. Kana-ho pushes him onto the bed and Sousuke starts imaging that it is Kaname. He pushes her off the bed and leaves. (Wow!)

Back on the Sub, the General of Mithril has just ordered Tessa to launch the AS's without Arbalest to support them (As Sousuke has run off). Tessa also orders the other Urzus to head to their M9s.

Sousuke is sitting alone in a park and sees a newspaper with the message for the Son of the Tiger.
Damn 2 episodes of calm. I hope #12 is a ton of action.

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