Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid - 9: Her Problem

Title:Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid
Episode:9: Her Problem
Continuing from Episode 7, Kaname is at home and she is VERY paranoid. On the news there is talk about some trouble in Hong Kong. Even the slightest breeze is making her crazy. She is suspecting everyone of following her. The next day at school she gets a note from the teacher that Sousuke has quit school. Kaname is sad. On the way home she decides to hide out and switch trains. She moves from place to place until a little pervert old man tries to hit on her. She says, 'how about a love hotel' (I'm not kidding)

At the hotel the man tries to rape her and she takes out Sousuke's taser and shoots him. She then gets naked because she thinks there must be a transmitter in her clothes. (Well she leaves her lower underware on). She puts on a robe and then climbs out the window and heads to the nearest building that has a high view (I guess her Whispered Radar is on full force). There she finds Wraith, a old dumpy man. She tells him to drop his gun or she will shoot. Instead Wraith turns and gets shot by Yu Lan (in the face and arm).

Yu Lan advances on Kaname and tries to shoot her but the gun jams. Next is a wonderful chase scene where Kaname is hopping buildings trying to get away. Finally Kaname ends at a locked door. Yu Lan sees Kaname's robe hidden behind some stuff and she draws a wicked knife and slashes at the hiding spot. Surprise! It's just the robe! Kaname is above Yu Lan NAKED and she shoots the taser knocking her out. She puts the robe back on (darn!).

Mr Silver shows up with 2 body guards (one is carrying Wraith). He talks to Yu Lan and tells her to stop chasing Kaname and call her sister off in Hong Kong (I wonder what she is doing there). Yu Lan refuses and tries to attack him just as we find out he's Tessa's brother. His bodyguard stops her and it turns out his guards are very advanced AS's called Astrals. He orders it to execute order A1 and it breaks her neck (Yuck!). Kaname is shocked and Leonard replies that her boyfriend has killed more people than Leonard has.

Kaname says he isn't my boyfriend and he doesn't kill for personal reasons. She shuts her eyes at the mere thought that Sousuke would do that. Leonard tells her to look up and when she does he STEALS HER FIRST KISS!!!!!!

She slaps him and he tells her that she is just like him and he LOVES her. She says that BS and then asks him to leave Wraith so she can forgive him for what he just did. He complies and tells her that he really does love her. (Hmm)

Kaname falls down on the ground and starts crying out Sousuke's name and how if he was there none of this would've happened. She says she just wants to hear his 'Its not a Problem' just one more time. (Damn Kaname has got it hard for Sousuke).

She walks over to Wraith who's face is blown off and it's turns out to be a mask! There is obviously a female face under there. She tells Wraith to tell her what's going on or she will shoot him.

End of Episode!
100% Kaname and more ecchi than the Onsen episode. 0% comedy though. This is rare! Whoa Kaname kicks ass! I noticed that Yu Lan did not have any panty shots (Unlike previous), I wonder if they did that so you will notice Kaname more (As if!)

Yes I know the Sub says Alastor, but Leonard says Astral as well as KJ1980 the official Animesuki FMP otaku.

Well Yu Lan is dead. Yu Fang, Gates, and Gauron are still around.

(My speculation and it is only a speculation is that because Kaname and Tessa were linked, Leonard has some nutso Sis-Con complex and sleeping with Kaname would be just like sleeping with Tessa - Boy did I go far out in left field with that thought!) (Wraith turning out to be a woman is a big surprise. There are 3 people who I think she can be: Kyoko, The Teacher, or the Student Council VP. I wonder if I am right)

And with this episode FMP! TSR becomes my #1 anime of 2005. And we still have the whole winter season to go.

4 More episodes to go!

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