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TV Special: (Type) This is a special sub-category of TV. These are anime movies that were made for TV. Rupan Sansei often does a TV special every year since the TV series went off the air.

Title Rating Synopsis

Aa! Megami-sama - Tatakau Tsubasa
Buy An attack in the heavens takes out several of the Shinzoku (heavenly beings) and forces the valkyrie (combat squad) goddess Lind down to Earth to look for a powerful creature that has been stolen -- an Angel Eater. Despite Lind's efforts to protect Belldandy, Urd, Peorth, Skuld, and Keiichi, the creature still manages to do its thing and Lind suspects the Mazoku (demonic beings) are behind the attack. Can the goddesses defeat this creature before it takes all of their angels?

Afro Samurai

Based on a doujinshi written by Takashi Okazaki in the late 90's, Afro Samurai is a creative collaboration between Samuel L. Jackson, Takashi Okazaki and the Japanese animation company Gonzo, a division of GDH, with the intentions of creating an anime series for US and Japanese markets. Scheduled to premiere on Spike TV (a US cable station). With the Academy Award-nominated actor Samuel L. Jackson already signed on to co-produce and to do the lead character's voice, this is a first in a potentially interesting trend.

Ah! My Goddess Fighting Wings Buy See Aa! Megami-sama - Tatakau Tsubasa
Ah! My Goddess Tatakau Tsubasa Buy See Aa! Megami-sama - Tatakau Tsubasa

Air in Summer

One a stormy evening, a Samurai warrior named Ryuuya flees a palace along with a miko named Uraha and a princess named Kanna. While attempting to elude their pursuers, Kanna gets to experience life outside of the palace for the first time in her life. But will they reach Kanna's imprisoned mother in time?

Air Summer Special Rent See Air in Summer
AIR イン サマー Rent See Air in Summer
Aquatic Language Rent See Mizu no Kotoba

Arve Rezzle: Kikaijikake no Yousei-tachi
Watch A cyber battle sci-fi. In 2022, the technology of quantum computing has greatly advanced and many people have transferred their mind into cyber space.
Arve Rezzle: Mechanized Fairies Watch See Arve Rezzle: Kikaijikake no Yousei-tachi

Āya to Majo
Watch Not every orphan would love living at St. Morwald's Home for Children, but Earwig does. She gets whatever she wants, whenever she wants it, and it's been that way since she was dropped on the orphanage doorstep as a baby. But all that changes the day Bella Yaga and the Mandrake come to St. Morwald's, disguised as foster parents. Earwig is whisked off to their mysterious house full of invisible rooms, potions, and spell books, with magic around every corner. Most children would run in terror from a house like that . . . but not Earwig. Using her own cleverness—with a lot of help from a talking cat—she decides to show the witch who's boss.

Battle Fighters Garou Densetsu
Watch Ten years after the death of their foster father, brothers Terry and Andy Bogard return to Southtown to extract revenge from crime lord Geese Howard. They team up with kickboxing champion Joe Higashi and participate in the prestigious King of Fighters tournament in hopes of facing Geese and giving him his well-deserved defeat.

Chicchana Yukitsukai Sugar Summer Special

Saga is now 17 and the Hammond Theater Troupe is coming back to town. When she comes home one day, her grandma finds a dress of Saga's from when she was in grade school and played a princess in a school play. She played the princess while rival Greta played a wicked witch. This play inspired Sugar-tachi to make a play of their own. Will Saga get over her stage fright?

Chiisana Koi no Monogatari: Chichi to Sally Hatsukoi no Shiki
Rent Tiny schoolgirl Chiiko develops a crush on older boy Sally and believes herself to be his girlfriend, although Sally is already involved in a love triangle with a girl called Tonko.
City Hunter Special Buy See City Hunter: Goodbye My Sweetheart
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