Ninin ga Shinobuden

Title:Ninin ga Shinobuden
2x2 = Shinobuden
2X2 = The Legend of Shinobu,
Ninin ga Shinobuden ~ The Nonsense Kunoichi Fiction
Ninja Nonsense
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Notables: Animation - UFOTable
R1 License - Right Stuf Intl
Kaede is a normal girl busy studying for her school exams, when Shinobu, an apprentice ninja breaks into her bedroom. Kaede confronts Shinobu, who attempts to cast an invisibility spell (which fails) and she sneaks over to Kaede's underwear drawer, and begins to rifle through it. When confronted again, Shinobu starts to cry about her failed life, and how her ninja master Onsokumaru, (a very lecherous yellow ball thing) has given her a ninja task to steal a young girls panties. Kaede decides to let Shinobu take back one of her 'items', and their odd friendship is forged. So a very ordinary Kaede gets caught up in Shinobu's very strange and disorderly life in a secret ninja village.

[TV series, 2004, 12 episodes, 30 min]
R1 by TheRightStuf (the RS web site).

1:30min Series Opening - YouTube Video
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Rent Forbin [series:877#1573]
Analysis : All R1 Episodes Watched
  • Drama : None
  • Comedy : High
  • Action : Med
  • SciFi : Med (Lots of 'Magic' but Onsakamaru is the main magician
  • Ecchi : Med (Yuri!)
    • Unfortunately most of the Ecchi is Onsakamaru
If you liked this you will probably like: I liked this title. It was funny, it was stupid, it was sad, and it was outrageous. I am mad that Izumi only showed up for 1.5 episodes. I would've loved to see more of her and Onsakamaru.

On the last R1 disk, go to bonus and under the Clean Closing, you will get a full 3 minute treat to the original closing. 1.5 Minutes more than before. I enjoyed it fully!

After watching it all, I still don't think it's a 'BUY'. It's about as high rent as can be but not a buy. The R1 Onsakamaru really does a great job, this guy should NOT be working for Right Stuf, he should be working for Funi or ADV. He completely stole the entire show away from Shinobu.

  • Disc 1 - So far it's funny. I don't think it's LOL funny like Ping Pong Club or School Rumble but it's amusing.
  • Disc 2 - OMG I was laughing out loud and this set. Now this is really funny!
  • Disc 3 - Not as good as Disc 2, but better than Disc 1.
  • Disk 4 - Almost as good as Disk 2. Too bad 1 and 3 weren't.

Last updated Sunday, December 03 2006. Created Friday, August 04 2006.
Buy Stretch [series:877#628]
Laugh Out Loud (LOL) comedies are few and far between, and Laugh-Out-Loud-'Til-You-Have-Tears-In-Your-Eyes ones are especially rare, but that's the effect this show has had on me on several occasions. Shinobuden is definitely a WTF show, which left me thinking that this show as a)hilarious and b)crazy. The humor comes largely from the shock you feel at being jolted out of your preconceptions that shamelessly risque comedy of this sort could never be broadcast on television; that, and the sight of ninjas behaving in the most un-ninjalike manner imaginable. Shinobu is dead set on becoming a ninja--exactly why is unclear, but this show clearly doesn't trouble itself with such unneccesary details. The problem is, her "master", Onsokumaru, is the sort of person (well, sort of) that makes you ask yourself "okay, so just how is she being exploited to satisfy his fetishes?" Fortunately, Shinobu is not a complete twit and there are more fart jokes (highly intellectual ones, not just disgusting ones) than actual fanservice so this show doesn't really cross the line into bad taste (seriously!). The series is very episodic, with two subplots per episode. Despite scenes of Shinobu engaged in a wild swordfight in the OP sequence, there is in fact no serious action here, this is a comedy through-and-through. The makers of this show definitely deserve credit for their unconventional, unpredictable and borderline suggestive brand of humor. I don't recall a single joke which fell flat, and more than a few were gutbustingly hilarious--sometimes I would have to pause the DVD player until I stopped laughing (how often does that happen?). Here's the most sincere form of flattery I can offer about this show: I'm already rewatching it a second time! Good shows are worth rewatching eventually, but great ones I rewatch rightaway. The series should be out soon as "Ninja Nonsense" from Right Stuf; try it, maybe you'll like it too. Oh, yeah: in case it isn't clear, being just a wee bit perverted would help.

My favorite line: "My... My fairytale box between my legs is in great danger..." --Gomora

P.S: Another opinion: "Ninja Nonsense thankfully avoids most of the pitfalls that plague other comedy series and, in spite of being a little obnoxious, is probably the best comedy show of the year." --Zac Bertschy, Anime News Network

Last updated Friday, September 15 2006. Created Saturday, July 22 2006.
Avoid Iceman_Aragorn [series:877#1517]
I'll take that challenge Jan.

Take a cute premise, an innocent girl who thinks she is a good ninja and a normal girl who ends up helping her, then, destroy all that worthwhile stuff by adding the most annoying personality you have ever seen, multiplied by 50.

How's that?

Seriously though, that ninja master could not be more annoying if he tried. Take him out of the show entirely, and you'd have maybe 4 episodes worth of material left, but an altogether better 4 episodes than any one of the original 12. If it were just the usual perverse-type character, it might have been okay, but Onsokumaru managed to be more perverse than them, but without nearly any fanservice or ecchiness whatsoever. It was more about fart jokes and idiocy beyond words.

I have deemed the following words and phrases in Jan's review as understatements (though i have taken a few out of context): -very cheesy -very twisted -perverse -sick -twisted -wack -stooges -absurd -sucked

Last updated Tuesday, September 20 2005. Created Tuesday, September 20 2005.
Unevaluated Jan-Chan [series:877#967]
This a very strange series! Try to think of combining a very perverse Monty Python story, with a bit of the Three Stooges, along with some Ninja Master theater of the absurd mixed into a very cheesy story line, with a lot sex puns and situations, a modest bit of fan service, and with a very twisted and perverse Ninja Master that appears (mostly) as a big yellow beach ball with hands.(I dare someone else to try to describe this series in 50 words or less)

Each 30-minute episode is broken up into two different segments, each dealing with a different crisis that is besetting Onsokumaru or some new and different perverse idea that he has come up with. With the innocent Shinobu always getting sucked up into the situation, the more calm and rational Kaede is always having to bail her friend out.

This series is not for everyone, but if you have a sick or twisted sense of humor, then you might want to give it a wack!!

Last updated Saturday, September 24 2005. Created Sunday, October 31 2004.

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