2001 Nights
2001 Ya Monogatari
Nisenichi Ya Monogatari
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Anime adaption of a collection of speculative-fiction (SCIFI) manga short stories which look into mankind's exploration of space, and examines possible issues and troubles that humanity might face when taking those first fateful steps into the unknown. Two of these stories have been adapted and animated as OVA episodes.

Based on a 1984 (3-volume) manga series authored by mangaka HOSHINO Yukinobu. An earlier adapation was released in 1987 as an OVA. This 2009 adaption will have two OVA episodes. This story series has been loosely compared to the Planetes manga and anime series.

Read the translated manga story online at MangaFox.

OVAs released on December 18th 2009.

Episode 1 - Elliptical Orbit (42min)
Episode 2 - Symbiotic Planet (46min)
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Rent Jan-Chan [series:2240#967]
Wow … what a visual fest!!

By combining the thematic elements of Planetes with the latest CGI graphics, OXYBOT (the production company responsible for this title) has proven that they learned from their earlier mistakes. They got dinged last year for their release of Vexille which had great animation paired with a problematic story.

By borrowing a pair of classic 1984 SciFi stories and putting them to computer-generated animation, OXYBOT may have gotten it right this time.

Episode 1 - Elliptical Orbit (42min).

The orbital cargo platform, Midnight Bazooka, is responsible for launching all freight containers destined for the bases on the moon. The sudden arrival of the deep space cargo vessel, the Flying Dutchman, in need of emergency repairs reopens long forgotten wounds between two senior officers. The Dutchman’s cargo of ‘liquid protons’ holds a promise of meeting earth’s energy needs for decades, but at a price that might be troublesome. A surprise attack by a group of rebel soldiers who want to seize the protons threatens not only both ships, but also the lives of many thousands of moonbase citizens unless they can be stopped.

This chapter’s story is reminiscent of Planetes’s conflict of prioritizing resources to meet the need of earth’s starving citizens versus securing resources to meet the world’s future needs. In short, a good mix of personal drama and action worthy of a RENT rating.

Here are some images from episode 1.

Episode 2 - Symbiotic Planet (46min).

With earth’s resources diminishing, humanity has been forced to attempt to colonize other worlds. The fifth planet of the β-Hydra system has been settled by two competing research facilities. The United Eurasian colony is a Japanese Chinese facility, while the other base is sponsored by the USA-European alliance. The planet that they are attempting to colonize is a world full of life: with numerous types of fungi and symbiotic lifeforms that float above and crawl across the surface. But the politics over the struggle for resources has been imported from earth and there are warmongers within both colonies intent on sabotaging or eliminating the other side. Against this surreal backdrop on a strange world and in the midst of a threat of war, an American researcher named Aon and the daughter of the Japanese colony leader, Elaine attempt to carry on a romance.

Doing an updated spin on Shakespeare's ↗Romeo & Juliette, this episode tells a story of an ill-fated couple romancing one another on a distant star. And how despite the difficulties of having to survive in such an alien environment, humanity brought along all of its pettiness and biases to this new world. With an interesting story and great graphics, this episode won me over and is worth a RENT+ or BUY-.

Here are some images from episode 2.

To summarize, these are two good titles that are certain to provide a few hours of fun.

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