Chibits: Sumomo-Kotoko Delivers
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Notables: KUMAI Motoko
Original Concept - CLAMP

What do you get when you combine the Japanese word chibi and the series Chobits? You get the all-new special called Chibits! This OAV special included in the R2 DVD's has Sumomo and Kotoko, the mini persocoms from Chobits, as the main characters on a fun adventure.

[1 OAV special, part of the Chobits DVD collection.]

5:58min Complete OVA - YouTube Video
OverallArtAnimationCharacter Design MusicSeries StoryEpisode StoryReviewer
Watch 8 7 8 6 5 Ggultra2764 [series:616#1552]
This is pretty much a quickie filler episode getting comedy off the antics of the mini-persocons living at Hideki's house. There's a twist to the chase that Sumono and Kotoko have with Chi that involves some nutty means to catch up with her. The animation to this is on par with what you would find with the Chobits TV series. Pretty much, this is nothing but an extra treat for fans of Chobits.

Last updated Sunday, August 02 2015. Created Sunday, August 02 2015.
Rent 9 8 9 8 7 6 Devil Doll [series:616#752]
[Score: 80% = "Rent+"]

Oops, I didn't have a review here? (It should have been there since 2004.)

While being a mere add-on, a typical filler extra episode, this is cute and funny, and low on fan-service compared to the TV series' first episodes. So this gets a 2 point downgrade for Series Story and thus no "Buy" rating but still ends up being a nice add-on for those who liked the series.

Last updated Monday, August 15 2011. Created Monday, August 15 2011.
Watch 8 8 8 6 7 7 Dreamer [series:616#2279]
If you're a fan of Chobits, you might enjoy this one.

Art, Animation and Character Design
The art and animation was on par with the series.... as well as the character designs. However, our "chibis" were just uber cute!

The music was nothing special. See my review on Chobits and you'll get and idea of the music here.

Series and Episode Story
The plot is a pretty short but cute one. Sumomo and Kotoko gotta "save" Chi and take every mode of transportation and advance through every peril to accomplish their task. It's a silly but fun little story that does nothing more than maybe put a smirk on your face.

Overall, it's not bad if you're a die-hard Chobits fan. Otherwise, it's nothing more than a quick filler for in-between anime.

Last updated Monday, April 27 2009. Created Monday, April 27 2009.
Buy 10 10 10 Xenoknight [series:616#2967]

review coming after I rewatch the anime...

Check out my award list to see some of the best anime titles in the world!

Never forget Xenosaga.

Last updated Monday, February 02 2009. Created Monday, February 02 2009.
Buy 10 9 9 9 9 8 Anonymous #1216 [series:616#1216]
i really like chobits (and chibits) so i gave it a high rating.... the chibits short is very funny( i think) and its worth watching it!
@cannibal smith hmm have u seen the chobits series... if yes u would know why they are there.. ;)
...and yes chii got a new voice i dont like too...
if u like chobits u will like chibits too

Last updated Friday, February 13 2004. Created Friday, February 13 2004.
Buy 9 7 7 8 8 7 Gahushi [series:616#976]
Chibits, although kind of short, should satisfy every chobits fan out there with at least half a sence of humor. This short extra episode gives Sumomo and Kotoko, the two mobile persocons, about six minutes of fame, during which we get to see a significant increase in facial expressions from the otherwise stale Kotoko; and Chii wearing the school uniform which I think she got in episode two or three, but never wore in the actual series. Although funny, Chibits differs somewhat from the other Chobits episodes. Chii, for one thing, has undergone a terrible change of voice, which proved to be quite annoying although she doesn't have too many lines. The other thing that surprised me was when Sumomo grabs out a home made rocket (ok, firework) out of nowhere, grabs Kotoko and flies out the window. Funny to some extent, but not very "Chobitsy" in my opinion.
Apart from these, and a few other insignificant matters, like why Kojima hasn't asked to get Kotoko back yet ( the same goes for Shinbo with Sumomo ), Chibits is a very entertaining addition to the Chobits series and shouldn't be left unwatched by anyone with a Chii poster above their bed.
Actually, I don't see why Chibits (with a bit of work) couldn't evolve into a series of it own some day. Hell, I'd watch it!

Last updated Wednesday, September 17 2003. Created Tuesday, September 16 2003.
Watch 9 6 2 5 8 4 CannibalSmith [series:616#973]
Now let's do some ranting!
For starters, the idea of this thing is good (9 for art and 8 to series story)! But it sinks in the ocean of deffects. I think that authors were lazy on this one. Still images! It's okay to have some in 25 minutes long episode, but this ep is only 6(!) minutes long! So only 6 points for animation. Charaters are drawn well... those who are visible at least. So it comes to think that authors can't draw Hideki's and Chii's face properly. But charater behaviour is BAD! Sumomo is mini-personcon, so it (it not she!) cannot have advanced thinking - it's AI after all. And by the way... what are Sumomo and Kotoko doing in Hideki's apartament?! 2 points to charaters! Music is ok. But couldn't compose something new? It is Chii's theme after all! And on top of it all is VERY disgusting voice of Chii. I really really hope very much that 01 episode will posess it's full potential.

Last updated Sunday, September 14 2003. Created Sunday, September 14 2003.
Buy 9 8 9 8 8 AstroNerdBoy [series:616#436]

Heh!heh! This is about as cute as they come as Sumomo and Kotoko have a little adventure. While Sumomo annoys Kotoko about exercise, Hideki is late for college and leaves his wallet behind. So Chii is off after him to deliver it. Ah, but Chii has also left something behind and it's up to our chibi persocoms to track her down. Fortunately, Sumomo already has a plan for getting out of the apartment and chasing Chii down!

Even though it is only six minutes long, fans of the Chobits series who loved Sumomo or Kotoko are just going to love this! I got several good laughs as I watched this kawaii comedic duo play off each other. I can see a series being launched from this (ala: Adventures of the Mini-Goddesses) should CLAMP be so inclined.

I don't know why we only get to see Hideki's face for only a fraction of a second, and that's only half his face. Chii's face doesn't get shown until almost the end of the episode. And I'm not sure the seiyuu for Chii is the same one. I can't read Japanese so I don't know. It is similar, but doesn't sound the same. I could be smoking crack but since I've heard others make similar remarks, I guess I'm not smoking crack. ;-D UPDATE: Hikari Okhapkina informs me that in fact Tanaka Rie did do the voice of Chii according to the credits. Thanks Hikari!

Bottom line: Very funny, kawaii, and I hope it makes it into the R1 DVD release!

Last updated Sunday, November 14 2004. Created Wednesday, July 16 2003.

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