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What do you get when you combine the Japanese word chibi and the series Chobits? You get the all-new special called Chibits! This OAV special included in the R2 DVD's has Sumomo and Kotoko, the mini persocoms from Chobits, as the main characters on a fun adventure.

Chibits: Sumomo-Kotoko Delivers Rent See Chibits

Buy One fateful night, Hideki was walking home from his new job when he discovered a very cute persocom in the trash. Hideki names his new persocom Chii, but what he doesn't know is that Chii could possibly be one of the legendary "Chobits" - persocoms with their own personality instead of merely an installed operating system.
Chobits Episode 27 (OAV) Rent See Chobits Special OAV

Chobits Special OAV
Rent This is a special OAV episode of Chobits which takes place after episode 26. Basically it is a recap episode with the landlady Hibiya talking with the "laptop" persocom Kotoko as she prepares for a celebration party for Hideki. Hideki is off with Chii to find out his scores on the college entrance exams, something Kotoko has predicted he only has slightly over 8% chance of doing. After the recap, Hideki returns with Chii and is met at the station by the entire Chobits cast of characters.
ちびっツ Rent See Chibits
ちょびっツ Buy See Chobits

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