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Title:Chobits Special OAV
Chobits Episode 27 (OAV)
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Original Concept - CLAMP
This is a special OAV episode of Chobits which takes place after episode 26. Basically it is a recap episode with the landlady Hibiya talking with the "laptop" persocom Kotoko as she prepares for a celebration party for Hideki. Hideki is off with Chii to find out his scores on the college entrance exams, something Kotoko has predicted he only has slightly over 8% chance of doing. After the recap, Hideki returns with Chii and is met at the station by the entire Chobits cast of characters.
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Watch 8 8 8 6 8 8 Dreamer [series:599#2279]
I agree with Devil Doll below. I would hardly call this an OAV/OVA when it's nothing more than recaps. And like many others, recaps aren't my cup of tea.

Because this is nothing more than a recap, I won't do my usual method of review. If you wish to read my review on Chobits, check out my review here

Overall, it's Chobits. It's "not" an OAV/OVA as one would normally would think.

Last updated Monday, April 27 2009. Created Monday, April 27 2009.
Buy 10 10 10 Xenoknight [series:599#2967]

review coming after I rewatch the anime...

Check out my award list to see some of the best anime titles in the world!

Never forget Xenosaga.

Last updated Monday, February 02 2009. Created Monday, February 02 2009.
Unevaluated Devil Doll [series:599#752]
Um... I consider it misleading to name this episode an "OAV special" just because some DVD release labels it as such, or because a calender year has 52 weeks instead of 54 and this recap couldn't be aired in the same way as the two other recaps were.

Content-wise, Chobits consists of three "seasons" or "arcs", each of which has 8 regular episodes plus 1 recap summary. There's no reason to treat "episode 27" (actually known as "episode 24.5") differently from "episode 8.5" or "episode 16.5" (none of which are necessary for understanding the story but none of them are pure recaps either - they're more like flashback summaries being discussed and analyzed by certain of the characters involved - nice but not essential).

Last updated Friday, February 08 2008. Created Friday, February 08 2008.
Rent Stretch [series:599#628]
While watching my "bootleg" Chobits box set, I was confused when the story seemed to wrap up, yet according to the DVD menu there were still two episodes to go (being able to read Chinese might have helped). The first involved a conversation between Shinbo and Sumomo, who suggests that some data be deleted from her overloaded memory. They mainly talk about Hideki, and the bulk of the episode is clips from volume 1. The second extra episode is clearly the one summarized above. Nothing much new here, though a couple clips involving Chii's kidnapping came in handy, because that episode seems to be missing from my set. Well, you get what you pay for. God, you would not believe the pathetic translation of this episode's subtitles! Some examples: "What's wrong with she?" and "Hasn't Chii went to visit you? Yes, she hasn't". Anyway, I was barely able to figure out what was going on, but the final scene at the train station was nice. Still, definitely not neccessary to follow the plot of the main series.

Last updated Friday, February 08 2008. Created Thursday, February 19 2004.
Rent 9 10 8 7 8 3 Gahushi [series:599#976]
Since I'm not a big fan of recaps I can't praise this episode for any other thing than for being a part of the very kawaii Chobits saga.
Although understandable that after episode 26 there isn't much more story to tell, I think that this special episode, unlike the rest of the Chobits eps. save the other recaps, isn't a "must-see"; unless you're a collector of course. The only new footage (five or six new scenes) is of the landlord, Hibya, and Kotoko, the mobile persocon, during their discussion in Hibya's apartment while they prepare for Hideki's college-approval party.
This is basically a look back at the last episodes of the anime series, and holds no greater satisfaction than of knowing having had watched all 27 episodes. The best new scene is the group shot of the entire cast of characters in the end. Apart from that, and a few minor changes in Shinbo's and Yumi's looks, nothing special.

Last updated Wednesday, September 17 2003. Created Tuesday, September 16 2003.
Rent 9 9 9 8 6 AstroNerdBoy [series:599#436]
If you are a Chobits fan, you'll want to add this to your collection. Hopefully it will be included in the DVD set. However, it is not required viewing as there there is nothing new as far as the story goes. There is some new animation with Hibiya preparing for the party while Kotoko watches and gives her frank appraisal. The other new animation comes from Chii and Hikeki riding the train home.

The recap centers around two events. The first being when Chii was kidnapped by Kojima. The second being from the final episode. So it was an interesting look back as told by Hibiya and Kotoko, but nothing special.

Bottom line: Chobits fans will want this in their collections. Otherwise it is a nice watchable episode, but not required viewing.

Last updated Monday, September 08 2003. Created Tuesday, June 24 2003.

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