Seto no Hanayome (OVA)

Title:Seto no Hanayome (OVA)
The Inland Sea Bride (OVA)
瀬戸の花嫁 (OVA)
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It is the 3rd year of middle school for Nagasumi, he's with his beloved San-Chan, he's getting kicked by Lunar, and ordered around by Mawari. It's all just another ordinary day...except Nagasumi is NOT in San's class...

Two OVA episodes

A second OVA is scheduled for release on January 30, 2009. (Source: Wikipedia)

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Watch Stretch [series:1956#628]
(Two episodes watched):

This OVA quickly reminded me of the problem I had with the TV series, namely that this is kind of a mean spirited show in which people getting hurt is considered humorous. It's an angry, cruel sort of humor; people don't get killed or permanently injured, but it grates me nevertheless. Not all of the jokes are like this, of course, but more than a few. The Fist of the North Star parody was fun--again, just like in the TV series. But by and large I was uncomfortable with this show and impatient for it to end. The aspects which bothered me outweighed those which I enjoyed.

...on the other hand, episode "Gi" turned out to be more fun than I had expected. This one, which consisted of two different stories about a maid cafe and a ghost, seemed less angry. It wasn't terribly funny, but modest jokes came fast and furious, which compensates. There were a few seriously good ones, including fish-men surfing on the internet.

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Unevaluated Forbin [series:1956#1573]
First Look:

KICK ASS! I loved it. Worthy sequel to the original Seto while keeping all the comedy. Maki was a little downplayed as it seems she is getting used to the Sea Cockroach.

Also can I say with this episode the Harem is finally established!

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Buy 8 8 7 5 10 9 Xenoknight [series:1956#2967]

After the "laugh-fest" that was provided courtesy of Seto no Hanayome (TV), this OVA cranks up the "gut-busting" laugh meter and the overall essence of the anime is two words: Hell Yeah!

"Funny as hell" is the theme for this OVA and the story continues like an "episode 27" of the original title.

The conditioning I was under last season hasn't worn off yet because I still laugh from just hearing the main lead's name. San did her famous "super-wife/morals as a mermaid" spiel again and I laughed like a madman! Then the main lead got all "brolic" (super-saiyan) again but got punched square in the face and the sound effect of the impact was a dog crying at the top of it's lungs!!!! I was on the floor crying with laughter (which is a common thing for me to be doing when watching this anime it seems).

The last part of the first OVA was brilliant. The fire scene was absolutely/utterly/undeniably funny and entertaining and ended with the main lead winning over another girl's heart.

The second OVA was in the middle (to be fair). The first part was the same old stuff that I love, but the last part (the most important part since there is no mention of a sequel except for the, "See you again" message at the end which can mean nothing at all) was a stupid scary ep that did not belong in any way, shape, or form in this OVA. If you ask me, they should have flip part 3 with part 4 so that we could always remember this anime on the funny note as opposed to the scary one that wasn't all that scary nor funny.

As for the actual 2nd OVA itself:

Part 3 was to die for. The whole cast makes an appearance and they all play their roles to the T. San and the other girls all help out the sword girl (I forgot her name) as she has incurred a "small" debt. They are all working as waitresses and the guys can't get enough of the fan-service. Nagasumi and the other guys have their hands full from keeping the men away from the girls. San and Luna have another singing test and Luna "rocks" the house. It was a great ep, but the only thing they left out that would have made it perfect was San's super-wife/morals as a mermaid spiel. If she did that, then it would've been perfect.

Part 4 was a waste. San's old friend from the ocean world comes up to see her and everyone ends up disappearing until she finds San. It was okay, but just didn't fit the nature of the show, especially as the parting episode. I would tell someone to skip it or to watch it in reverse if need be (but you know I would never do that - ^_^).

The writers of this anime series have it made in terms of how to present a "perfect comedy". Every other funny title in the works from now on should be required to take a least one page out of this anime's book on how to be dangerously funny.

To sum this title up in three words - Funny as Hell! I'll never forget the funny adventures of Nagasumi and San.

I'm sure they already know that they need to make another full 26-episode season ASAP!

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Never forget Xenosaga.

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