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Title:Read or Die - TV
R.O.D. The TV
Read or Die the TV
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Notables: Animation - JC Staff
CHIBA Isshin
MIKI Shinichirou
R1 License - Geneon (Defunct)
YUKINO Satsuki

Drawing on the success of the first ROD, the story continues. Yomiko "The Paper" Readman has gone missing for some four years now, but her best friend from school Nenene (Say that 3 times fast) still believes she's alive. An accomplished author, Nenene and her 3 bodyguards, who have special paper abilities of their own, go between Japan and Hong Kong looking for Yomiko. On occasion the bodyguards earn side money from accepting contracts to recover uncommon items and research exceptional situations, which always seems to involve people with special powers and abilities.

[26 TV episodes (23 minutes each), the sequel to Read or Die. Based on the manga of the same title.] A new manga was created based on these characters called Read or Dream

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1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26
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Buy 8 8 8 8 9 9 Dreamer [series:776#2279]
After a long, long procrastination, I finally decided to download this. Aside from lots of great reviews, the synopsis was interesting. And yes, it was good!

Art, Animation & Character Designs
The art and animation is good and holds up to many animes today. Character designs were not the best but still good, and with interesting character types.

The soundtrack had some nice pieces of various flavors. Not too bad. A lot better than many other series out there. There some pieces that were quite dramatic during.... um, dramatic moments.

Series and Episode Story
The whole concept of "paper masters" was really cool. I loved the concept and their abilities were just awesome. The three sisters had unique skills and each ability was different. You had the in-your-face offensive paper master, "Anita". The long range marksmen and stealth master, "Michelle" and the defensive/large scale master, "Maggie". When all 3 worked together, it was a powerful combo. Some of the battle scenes were among the best I've seen.... how they coordinated, attacked, defended and the way the papers would form various attach methods seemlessly. Maggie was my fav. She had the more powerful and well-rounded abilities.

The plot itself was really good. It did start off slow but gradually picked up pace. There was some really good, interesting surprises all throughout the series that had me open-jawed and saying "wow"! I do have a few complaints...a bit minor. First off, I though Anita got annoying at times with her obnoxious anger and sometimes ill behavior. She really needed to be slapped with her stupid ass assumptions and emotions. Second, Yomiko was way too timid and soft for a character of her calibar.

I found it interesting the two scenes where the US President pisses his pants. Gee, I wonder what the writers were implying there? By the end of the series, it did well by wrapping things up.

Overall, this was a great series well worth watching every minute. The concept of paper masters was unique and interesting.

Last updated Thursday, January 07 2010. Created Thursday, January 07 2010.
Buy Xenoknight [series:776#2967]

review coming after I rewatch the anime...

Check out my award list to see some of the best anime titles in the world!

Never forget Xenosaga.

Last updated Monday, February 02 2009. Created Sunday, September 21 2008.
Buy 9 9 9 9 9 8 Ggultra2764 [series:776#1552]
The Pros: Compared to the OAV, R.O.D TV puts a bigger emphasis on a slice-of-life plot where the Paper Sisters stick around Nenene throughout the first half of the series. This allows for more time to be focused on character depth as the viewer can better understand the personalities of the Paper Sisters and Nenene, a problem which the OAV had as events progressed quickly and did not leave much time for character depth. The second half of the series brings about the return of characters from the OAV and an elaborate plot of achieving world domination from the main villain whose presence is hinted throughout some points of the first half of the series. In terms of animation, R.O.D TV manages to maintain the exciting, smooth battle scenes of the OAV, which are especially shown through fighting scenes involving Anita’s quickness. Much of the show’s soundtrack are remixes of music tracks from the OAV which still manage to flow well with the events taking place in the series.

The Cons: R.O.D TV’s pace tends to slow down a bit in some places, which is especially shown during the show’s first half. Action anime fans could tire from the slow pace of the first half. In addition, there were points towards the ending of the series where plot points do not flow well with what took place. The formidability of the villain’s organization in his scheme tends to be a few of the problems where areas of the plot do not mesh well.

Facts of the Series:

-The sequel to the Read or Die OAV which takes place five years after the events of the OAV.

-Ideas for the series are based on two separate manga series written by Hideyuki Kurata: Read or Die which focuses on Yomiko and Read or Dream which focuses on the Paper Sisters. Both manga series are licensed by Viz Media.

Last updated Wednesday, January 09 2008. Created Saturday, January 05 2008.
Buy 10 10 10 aoneish [series:776#1615]
This series is damn cool. The premise is a little weird, but the animation is clean and fluid, and It's full of surprises. I mean, things just keep happening that I never expect. I'm only on episode one, and that's my impression of it. Says a little something don't you think?

I'm at episode 10, and this series just keeps on surprising me. The humor's all there, not the stupid genki kind, though there is some of that, but things that just--surprise me, and make me laugh. heh. Just when you think this is just a light hearted series for the kids, the dark stuff starts to come in. You know there's something going on in the background, the mysterious organization has been established, and they're doing some not so nice things to people. The fighting is still as excellent as ever. I mean really, whoever thought paper was so deadly? Episode 10 gives us backstory on how the sisters met. it had me in tears. Still excellent so far.

Well, I've seen it all and I must say, what a weird series. Heh, the motivations behind the bad guys are completely warped. I thought it was about censorship, but..yea, i guess the message is generally about censorship...I think. We get more insight on our characters. Yomiko Readman annoys me but even her character picked up. It's a conclusive ending at least. Angsty, action, and all sorts of good stuff. A pretty good series.

Last updated Monday, September 25 2006. Created Friday, September 15 2006.
Buy 9 9 9 9 9 9 AstroNerdBoy [series:776#436]

When I watched Read or Die OAV, I thought that it was alright but at only three episodes, it couldn't tell much of a story. There were WAY to many things that were confusing about the story. Fortunately, despite having new leads, Read or Die TV answers those questions and more.

It didn't take me long to get into Ma-nee, Mi-nee, and Anita-chan, the three sisters that form the new heroines for the TV series. When they hook up with Nenene-sensei as bodyguards, the link to the OAV was established since Yumiko Readman was Nenene-sensei's inspiration to become an author. Roughly the first half of the TV series is devoted to establishing these four female characters while having the "Where'd Yumiko Readman disappear too?" The second half of the series is dedicated to learning the truth behind the British Library and their obsession with obtaining certain books. As such, we are taken on a giant roller-coaster ride of adventure, mystery, and fun.

The art is very good as is the animation. The music has the right feel too, more so than even the OAV had. All in all, this is a good product from Japan.

There is a downside on the U.S. side. While I give Geneon credit for leaving the "sensei" honorific and title untranslated, they still had to force-translate the remaining honorifics. So "Anita-chan" becomes "Anita, dear." While that seems to fit, as usual, there are moments in the anime were "Anita, dear" just doesn't work at all even though the character is still being addressed as "Anita-chan." So the subtitle writers were forced to just drop the "dear" part. Hello! It just goes to show that you can't force-translate an honorific on the Japanese side of things no matter how hard you try.

FURTHER, there was Anita's character. She calls her sister Michelle "Mi-nee" and her sister Maggie "Ma-nee". Geneon decided to make her use the full names in the translations. HUH? By doing that, they lose the "Nene-nee" part when Anita reluctantly agrees to address Nenene that way. Instead, Geneon made her just use Nenene rather than show that she'd accepted Nenene-sensei as a sister-figure by addressing her as "Nene-nee." Nice job, Geneon! Instead of trying to match the English dub and sub, why not give us a "keep it real" subtitle script and the dub can be modified as needed to meet whatever needs you have for that market.

Bottom line: Annoyance with Geneon aside, R.O.D. the TV is a very good anime title that will suck you in from the begining and never let you go. As such, I found it worthy of purchase.

Last updated Monday, July 25 2005. Created Tuesday, April 26 2005.
Buy Forbin [series:776#1573]
Drama : Med / High
Comedy : Med / High
Action : High
SciFi : Med
Ecchi : Low (Except for Episode 12)

My favorite English Dub ever since Maburaho failed so miserably. What a great buy. Make sure you see Episodes 14 (Where the Read or Die (OVA) OVA is explained), Episode 16 (When Yomiko Fights), Episode 23 (The Secret of the Paper Sisters) and especially 12 and 13 (Poor Hong Kong)

First for ROD Fans, this is NOT about Yomiko Readman, it's about the 3 Paper Sisters and Nenene. Yomiko does show up (Episode 15) but she isn't the super strong willed person from ROD. She's more umm...Wimpy. There is a reason why she is and it's explained in 19, sorta.
Other than that, it's a great watch. The OP is the best, it's got a nice Beat. I can't remember if the EP is as good.
Note : Something I noticed between the R1 DVD and the TV release. The DVD is cleaned up a lot from the original broadcast and is most notable during the OP sequences. Also for those of you who have the R1 DVD listen to the Commentary (Disk 5 for some Manga spoilers)

Final Edit : Just watched the last 3 episodes. Wow so much I didn't understand from the Chinese DVD is now explained. I understand it all.../sigh. So much info, I will have to watch the whole series OVER to take it all in. (BTW in episode 26 watch the quick Nenene Fanservice scene :) )

Last updated Thursday, June 30 2005. Created Monday, September 13 2004.

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