Read or Die - TV - 10: Christmas Carol

Title:Read or Die - TV
Episode:10: Christmas Carol
Nenene recieves a strange, incomplete pseudo-invitation to some sort of event on Christmas day. She dismisses it as a prank, but Michelle is intrigued. She also gets an invite to the "10th Best New Teen Writer Award Winner Announcement", also on Christmas day. She's not enthusiastic, but the prospect of meeting genuine authors and eating first-class food has the sisters' hearts racing, and she gives in. At the ceremony, another writer makes a cruel remark suggesting that Nenene didn't deserve her award since she hasn't completed a novel in several years. Mr. Lee defends her. Later, as the original winner of the award, Nenene makes a moving impromptu speech. On the way home, Michelle invites her to another party. Christmas is like a Birthday for herself, Maggie and Anita, because it's the anniversary of their first meeting, which they relate...
A neat episode. I'll say it again--odd numbered episodes are tending to be weird out-of-town adventures, whereas even numbered ones are more believable ones--less action, but more of the lovable sisters, so I strongly prefer this kind.

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