Read or Die - TV - 7: In a Grove

Title:Read or Die - TV
Episode:7: In a Grove
In a cafe in England (I'm guessing) Maggie is briefing Anita on Jon Smith, a stage actor who was apparently entrusted with a precious book. Michelle has gone to the restroom, but after 20 minutes Anita goes to check on her and finds that she has vanished. What's more, the shopkeeper, waitress and other patrons insist that only the two of them ever entered the building!
Whoa--the final explanation reminds me of something you'd see in an old episode of "The Prisoner"! Actually, after all the playing-with-my-mind that went on, the solution was kind of disappointing. Why did Jon Smith want to mess with the sisters? How did he know who they were? Why expend so much money and effort? Are all odd-numbered episodes of this series going to be kind of crazy from now on?

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