Read or Die - TV - 15: In the Gray Light of the Abyss

Title:Read or Die - TV
Episode:15: In the Gray Light of the Abyss
In disguise, Nenene and the sisters slip back into Japan since they are "treated like terrorists in Hong Kong". It turns out that Nenene is under suspicion in Japan as well, as an accessory to the disaster that has befallen Hong Kong. Her apartment has been ransacked as well. On the run from the police, they stumble across a set of Dokusensha mission orders concealed within the cigarette lighter that once belonged to Mr. Lee. The instructions are to go to Toto Books on Jinbou Street, and find the "Book of the All-Seeing Eyes"--which is listed as being owned by "The Paper"! Nenene is certain that Yomiko Readman, missing for five years, is there. The owner finally admits that though Yomiko is not really there, he knows where she is. He sends Nenene and the sisters to "the place with the largest collection of books in Japan"...
Neat episode! Yomiko seems to have adopted the clone of "Ms. Deep" (from the OVAs), who was in a state of amnesia at their end, and now calls her "Nancy". As I understand it, the original Ms. Deep rode a rocket into outer space and is surely dead, whereas "Nancy", originally one of the bad guys, nearly drowned and wound up as she is today. But what did she mean saying she had a child? If the "Great Men Incident" was in 2001, and Yomiko has been in hiding for five years, that would make the date of this series at least 2006.

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